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The Azienda Agricola Runchét agricultural company was established in 2012, in Treiso, on the UNESCO hills, by Andrea and Beatrice.

It is SQNPI-certified, the ministerial hallmark of Sustainable Quality, and is therefore able to ensure the cultivation of products, in this case grapes, according to agronomic techniques that respect the environment and human health.

After years of experience both in important local wineries and in foreign agricultural and viticultural production centers, (Australia, Chile, New Zealand), the young Piedmontese couple realized their dream of producing a range of wines according to their personal interpretation of making wine the way it used to be made.

Thus, the philosophy is to make tradition contemporary through the use of modern techniques, knowledge and skills gained through experience.

The wines produced are Langhe classics including the important Barolo and Barbaresco DOCG: Barbera d’Alba DOC, Langhe DOC Chardonnay, Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo.

A dream with ancient origins

The farmstead within which the winery is located, known as Cascina Ronchetti existed in the early 1900s and is owned by Domenico, formerly a merchant of the estate grapes and Beatrice’s father, a supporter and important helper in the implementation of the Runchèt project.

The Wines

Wines produced by one of the smallest wineries in the Langhe.

Andrea and Beatrice offer the most important wines of the Langhe.

The Barolo DOCG, aged in 225-liter French oak barriques for 40 months, needs no introduction; ruby red in color with garnet highlights, it pairs well with important dishes, red meats and game.

Barbera d’Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo complete the DOCs made from red grapes and accompany aged cheeses, salami, first courses, red meat main courses, roasts and game.

Among the DOCs made from white grapes are Langhe DOC Chardonnay, pleasantly savory, velvety and fruity, excellent with fish dishes and aperitifs and Moscato DOCG.

This is a special wine that in Piedmontese culture is used with dessert at the end of a meal, especially hazelnut cake.

Instead, Beatrice and Andrea propose a variation: tasting it during aperitifs as an accompaniment to salami, blue cheeses, and green anchovies.

It is also ideal with lightly spiced and spicy Asian dishes.

A curiosity: the Chardonnay and Barbera wines are made from grapes harvested from vines over seventy years old.

2021 is the year of the Altalanga DOCG

From the vines planted in 2015 in Serravalle Langhe, a small village in Alta Langa with an elevation of 762 meters, comes Altalanga DOCG Riserva Achille, dedicated to Beatrice and Andrea’s eldest son.

This is a wine that expresses the sparkling wine tradition of this area of Piedmont and is made from cuvée, that is, a blend of 80 percent Pinot Noir and 20 percent Chardonnay.

The result is a product with a straw-yellow color that is not too deep, with a fine, delicate and harmonious flavor that goes well with traditional Piedmontese dishes based on white truffles, fondue, vegetable flan and mixed fried foods.

Excellent with fish and perfect for aperitifs.

Barbaresco DOCG

2018 sees the first production of Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano of only 800 bottles: a red wine with garnet highlights and aged in 225-liter French oak barrels, following a slow 45/50-day maceration on the skins.

The Meruzzano Riserva version is dedicated to Gregorio, Beatrice and Andrea’s second son.

The labelling of all bottles in the production is carried out through patient manual work.

Produced Wines

Barolo DOCG
Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano
Barbera d'Alba DOC
Langhe DOC Nebbiolo
Altalanga DOCG Riserva Achille
Langhe DOC Chardonnay
Moscato d'Asti DOCG

Vineyards Extension

8 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Serravalle Langhe

Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management

Visits & Tastings

Andrea, agro-technician, and Beatrice welcome guests by leading tour and tasting

Reservations are always welcome and improve reception, small groups are preferred. Children are always welcome!

Indeed, in visiting Andrea and Beatrice’s winery, one breathes a family atmosphere and it will not be difficult for the little ones to make friends with the couple’s children.

Learning about the natural environment, the biodiversity that populates the vineyard is also an important educational aspect.

The tastings

Two tastings are usually held, one in the morning at 10:00 am and one in the afternoon at 3:00 pm.

Depending on the turnout, small groups may be merged, but always in adequate numbers to carry out the best tasting possible.

English language is available upon request.

The vineyard walk

It is possible to request in advance the holding of the scenic walk among the Moscato and Nebbiolo rows adjacent to the winery where the winery and territory are introduced.

Clothing and comfortable shoes suitable for the dirt road are required.

Types of tastings

Our Whites → 10,00 €/person

Langhe DOC Chardonnay, Altalanga DOCG Riserva Achille, Moscato d’Asti DOCG.

Our Reds → 15,00 €/person

Barbera d’Alba DOC Superiore, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo,  Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano, Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano Riserva Gregorio

Complete → 20,00 €/person

Langhe DOC Chardonnay, Altalanga DOCG Riserva Achille
Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, , Barbaresco Meruzzano DOCG, Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano Riserva Gregorio

Tastings include: vineyard walk (on request), visit to the winery and tasting of local specialties: cheeses, salami.

Accompanying bread and breadsticks.


max 10 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Starting at 10.00€

The vinification

We continue into the winemaking room, which houses a small barrique cellar for aging red wines

Winemaking is done in the most natural way possible, without the use of yeast.

Thus, traditional winemaking methods are retraced, following the natural process of wine alongside modern processing methods.

To promote fermentation and stabilization of the wines, the cellar doors are opened.

During the tour of the Cellar, direct tasting from the tank or barrel is possible: this step allows the visitor to understand the evolution of the product before the final tasting.

Treatments in the vineyard to maintain the health of the vines are targeted and limited according to a very simple and straightforward philosophy: respect for nature, the land and the environment.

Le Rocche dei Sette Fratelli

The road leading to Cascina Runchét is scenic and provides a full view of the Rocche dei Sette Fratelli. This is a chasm in the ground of almost 9 hectares, included between the municipalities of Treiso, San Rocco Seno d'Elvio and Trezzo Tinella. Originated over millennia by the erosive action of water that has consumed the marly soil of marine origin, they present themselves unexpectedly to the visitor's eyes as a spectacular amphitheater of gray-white color.

Prices & Services

Buy directly from the producer

Our prices

  • Moscato d’Asti DOCG
  • Langhe DOC Chardonnay
  • Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC
  • Langhe DOC Nebbiolo
  • Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano Riserva Gregorio
  • Altalanga DOCG Riserva

The wines can be shipped to the chosen destination.


The tasting

Three types of tasting available

  • Our whites → 10€/person

Langhe DOC Chardonnay, Altalanga DOCG Riserva Achille, Moscato d’Asti DOCG

  • Our reds→ 15€/person

Barbera d’Alba DOC Superiore, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano, Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano Riserva Gregorio

  • Complete tasting → 20€/person

Langhe DOC Chardonnay, Altalanga DOCG Riserva Achille, Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, Barbaresco Meruzzano DOCG, Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano Riserva Gregorio

Tastings include: a walk in the vineyard, a visit to the Winery and typical local food samplings: cheese, salami. Bread and bread sticks are included.



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