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What to do in the Langhe on Easter weekend 2024

March 20, 2024
Pasqua-uova e coniglio

There are those who paint eggs, those who arm the barbecue to usher in the grilling season, those who would like to take the opportunity to do some sports, and those who are preparing for a trip to the countryside, the mountains or the sea.

Christmas with your folks, Easter with whomever you want. Okay, but where?

If you are planning to spend the Easter weekend in the Langhe, we have selected a few interesting proposals for you.

Easter and Easter Monday special menus

Chefs in the area have indulged, and it’s hard to choose from the succulent menus offered by restaurants and taverns around here, but fear not, we’ve made a selection for you.

Flat lamb
A mouthwatering main course, perfect for Easter

Do you like to spend the holidays with your legs under the table having great feasts in good company? Perfect. Here you are spoiled for choice.

We recommend Tota Virginia in Serralunga, La Cantina in Verduno, the Argaj in Castiglione Falletto and Vitae di Langa in Diano.

If, on the other hand, you want to do some cooking, here are some valuable tips on what to prepare and make a splash thanks to contributions from three chefs of the area.

Wineries Open Their Doors

Small producers, big wines.

Wineries in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato open their doors to visitors and are waiting for you to taste their wines.

The winery visit, a unique experience

For a true wine tourist’s Easter and Easter Monday, Wineries Open Their Doors is the experience for you.

Each winery offers its own visit and tasting experience.

Check out all the participating wineries, take a look at the entries, pick your favorites, and enjoy your merry weekend!


Picnicking is a must in Spring, and in these parts snacking on the meadows is a real tradition.

Large plaid, basket full of good things to eat, beers, a good bottle of wine, a ball, a deck of cards, a bluetooth speaker to listen to music. What else? Did you get everything?

Discover tactical places to enjoy your day en plein air!

Picnic in Treiso

On the other hand, if you are unable or don’t feel like cooking, you can join a special Easter in the Langhe in Treiso by tasting 4 local specialties and a good bottle of wine.

The picnic on the meadows

We meet in the morning to pick up the basket and take a short walk to the designated picnic location. A great way to meet new people!

Picnic in the Vineyard in Dogliani

One of the most beautiful Dogliani trails passes through the Aldo Marenco winery. It is a loop trail, about two hours long, winding through countryside and village, scenic spots and vineyards.

The winery offers the possibility of reserving a thermal backpack with food and a bottle of wine inside to be consumed along the way.

Lunch at a winery in the Roero

Francesco Rosso is famous for organizing incredible winery lunches in Santo Stefano Roero.

Three appetizers, first course, two main courses and dessert, of course in the company of the winery’s wines.

Francesco Rosso’s tasting

Discover Easter and Easter Monday menus, you can take this opportunity to enjoy lunch with traditional dishes and excellent wines.

Guided walks

Terre Alte is always on the ball and offers as many as three routes within everyone’s reach, both of which traverse trails of astonishing beauty.

On Saturday, March 30 in Magliano Alfieri, through the Chalk Crystal Trail, we will first reach the Bosco Alto pillar and then the small church of San Servasio, a place of unique peace and tranquility.

Routes within everyone’s reach, both traverse trails of astonishing beauty.

Sunday, March 31 in Novello, a spectacular, scenic and scenic route that opens the view beyond the hills of the Langa del Barolo.

Monday, April 1 Unmissable excursion to the magical hills of Alta Langa, to the most secret and mysterious places where the landscape is untouched and the flavors and traditions are never lost. It starts from Cravanzana.

Easter with Alba Sotterranea

Is every anniversary an opportunity for you to enrich your cultural background?

On Sunday, March 31, Alba Sotterranea offers a tour led by a professional archaeologist: an itinerary with three stops on the archaeological route of the city of Alba.

Easter Monday at the Castle of Monticello d’Alba

In the magnificent setting of the Conti Roero castle in Monticello d’Alba, Turismo in Langa offers a special program for families on Easter Monday, discovering the castle and the secrets of the manor’s park.

monticello d'alba castle - events
The Castle of Monticello d’Alba

The Parco Roero Family Tour, the children’s tour that adults also enjoy, allows them to visit the elegant English-style park surrounding the castle.

The magical pond, the centuries-old linden trees, the legend of Chiara’s ghost, the charming Roero family dog cemetery … and much more!