Wandering in Langa

What to do in the Langhe on easter weekend

April 14, 2022
Pasqua-uova e coniglio

On Easter weekend we keep our fingers crossed for a clear sky and so that Easter Monday does not play tricks, such as pouring rain: the nightmare of every experienced grill master.

What we hope is to be able to be outdoors, immersed in the characteristic colors of this season, to enjoy the scents of flowering trees.

If all this coincides with your weekend in the Langhe, then what more do you want?

Here are some suggestions for you, on what the territory offers you, which as usual has something for all tastes and attitudes.

Rain on Easter Monday? The nightmare of every grill master.

The special menus for Easter and Easter Monday

Do you like to spend the holidays with your legs under the table having big meals in good company? Perfect. Here you are spoiled for choice.

The chefs of the area have been busy, it’s hard to choose among the succulent menus offered by the restaurants and taverns around here, but don’t worry, we have made a selection for you.

We recommend Vigneto di Roddi, Dei Bersaglieri in Lequio Berria in High Langa, Stefano Paganini at the castle of Magliano Alfieri and Tre Poggi in Canelli, in Monferrato.

For an Easter and Easter Monday as a true wine tourist, “Wineries open their doors” is the experience for you.

“Wineries open their doors”

Small producers, great wines.

The cellars of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato open their doors to visitors and are waiting for you to taste their wines. Each winery offers its own experience of visiting and tasting.

For an Easter and Easter Monday as a true wine tourist, “Wineries open their doors” is the experience for you.

Discover all the participating wineries, take a look at the proposals, choose your favorites and enjoy your cheerful weekend!

Open air

Picnic is a must of Spring and in these parts the snack on the meadows is a real tradition.

Large plaid, basket full of good things to eat, beers, a good bottle of wine, a ball, a deck of cards, a bluetooth speaker to listen to music. What else? Did you get it all?

Discover here the tactical places to enjoy your day en plein air!

Plaid, basket, beers, a good bottle of wine, a football, a deck of cards, a bluetooth speaker … What else?

Picnic in the vineyards

One of the most beautiful paths of the Dogliani passes through the Aldo Marenco winery. It is a circular path, about two hours long, which winds its way between countryside and village, panoramic points and vineyards.

The winery offers the possibility to book a thermal backpack with food and a bottle of wine inside to be consumed along the way.

Don’t forget the wine!

Guided walks

Terre Alte is always number one and offers two itineraries within everyone’s reach, both of which cross paths of surprising beauty.

Langhe, Roero or both?

Saturday the 16th of April from the panoramic site of the Magliano Alfieri Castle to Castelverde di Castagnito: towns, trees, castles and traditions in a splendid path. Discover the itinerary and the stages. (italian content only)

Sunday the 17th of April the walk begins in Neive, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy to reach the village of Mango with a stop at the photo exhibition Posti della Malora, images that narrate an authentic Langa, so loved by Beppe Fenoglio. Find out more. (italian content only)

Two itineraries within everyone’s reach, both of which cross paths of surprising beauty.

Cultural events (italian content only)

Is every holiday an opportunity for you to enrich your cultural background?

Here are some suggestions you’ll like.

Saturday the 16th of April the billboard of the historical theater of Alba “Giorgio Busca” proposes the comedy Three men and a cradle, a very successful mix of tenderness and fun. Read the story and get more information.

Sunday the 17th of April, “Underground Alba” offers a tour guided by a professional archaeologist along the city’s archaeological itinerary, plus a final one at the “F. Eusebio ” museum.

From the 15th to the 17th of April, the Banca d’Alba exhibition building, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Beppe Fenoglio, presents a photographic exhibition that tells of “Una maniera di metter fuori le parole” (a way of choosing words). Find the opening hours here.

Easter in a hot air balloon

The Langhe from above is a spectacle that In Baloons offers you the opportunity to admire on Sunday 17 and Monday 18 April.

The experience includes the preparation and inflation of the balloon followed by about an hour of flight during which you will experience the thrill of floating gently pushed only by the force of the wind, flying over hills and castles.

It starts from Barolo. Find all the information here.