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The castle of Monastero Bormida

in Monastero Bormida

Through a wide porch you will pass to the inner garden, where there are some double stairs leading to the terraces on the first floor, where a series of doors open. The rooms are wide, with mosaic pavements and cross vaults, some of which decorated with frescos.

It’s possible to resach the second floor through two stairs: the main one, leading to the apartment (today a private home), the other leading to the towers.

The tower is 27 meters tall, and has decorative arches and friezes, in stone and bricks.

The castle of Monastero Bormida

SP56, 22, 14058 Monastero Bormida AT, Italia
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The parish church of saint Anthony the Abbot

Via del Castello, 25, 14051 Loazzolo AT, Italia
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Sessame: the parish church of saint George

Via XX Settembre, 12, 14058 Sessame AT, Italia
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Cisterna d'Asti: the castle and the arts and crafts museum

Via Duca D'Aosta di Sopra, 21, 14010 Cisterna D'asti AT, Italia
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