Terre Alfieri DOCG Arneis

d.o.c.g DM 07.03.2014

The “Terre Alfieri” denomination of controlled origin unites the areas located in the “Comunità collinare Colline Alfieri”  Association and those of the “Unione dei Comuni Roero tra Tanaro e Castelli” Association of Municipalities.

Consequently the production zone comprises part of the territory in the municipalities of Antignano, Celle Enomondo, Cisterna d’Asti, Revigliasco, San Damiano, San Martino Alfieri, Tigliole in provincia di Asti e parte dei comuni di Castellinaldo, Govone, Magliano Alfieri and Priocca.

Terre Alfieri Arneis, when released for sale, presents the following characteristics:


More or less intense straw yellow, sometimes with golden nuances.


Delicate, fragrant and sometimes floral.


Dry, pleasantly bitter.

Minimum total alcohol content by volume: 11.5%;

Minimum total acidity: 5 g/litre;

Minimum sugarfree extract: 15 g/litre.








Min. alcohol


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Terre Alfieri DOCG Arneis: Vines

The Terre Alfieri DOCG Arneis is a single varietal wine, and therefore can be made exclusively by Arneis grapes

85% to 100% Arneis; 15% grapes from other non-aromatic white grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the Piedmont Region.

This vine is a found all over the Roero but also on the hills on the right bank of the Tanaro. It is extremely vigorous, with strong, straight shoots. Fertile and productive, the grapes ripen in late September. The bunch is medium to small in size, with a pyramid or cylindrical shape with one or two obvious wings. In recent... you can read more about Arneis here.

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