February 19, 2013


  • four liters of well water
  • one kilo of pork’s head (with ear)
  • salt
  • one onion
  • four garlic cloves
  • 100 gr of anchovies
  • a handful of parsley
  • a rosemary shoot
  • oil
  • one bay-leaf
  • one glass of vinegar
  • five sliced sweet peppers

What to prepare

  • a pot
  • a chopping board
  • a crescent-shaped chopping knife
  • a bowl
  • a large knife
  • un carving fork


Boil in salted water one kilo of pork’s head with ear, until fully cooked.

Meanwhile, prepare a sauce with an onion, four garlic cloves, 100 grams of anchovies, a handful of parsley and some thinly chopped rosemary: put them to brown in a pan with oil together with a bay-leaf.

Once cooked, add two glasses of vinegar, let boil and add five sliced sweet peppers. When the sweet peppers have absorbed the sauce, take them off the fire.

Then place a few layers of sliced pork’s head and sweet peppers in a bowl, one upon the other. Pour the remaining sauce on the layers and immediately serve very hot.