Mondovì — Fauzone Palace

Terroir Dogliani

The last day of masterclasses, workshops and tasting counters to discover a high vocation territory, and its wines: Dogliani retrospective and panel discussion

from Monday

03 June 2024

at 10:30

to Monday

03 June 2024

at 20:00

palazzo fauzone mondovì - eventi

Three days of master classes, workshops and tasting counters to discover a high vocation territory, and its wines.

The program


10:30 a.m. Guest reception.

11:00 a.m. The Superior 2022 and Classico 2023 vintage in the Dogliani DOCG areas.

1:00 p.m. light lunch

2:30 pm Dogliani retrospective: the 2017 and 2012 vintages.

4:30 pm The nature of a high vocation territory and its new oenological perspectives through 6 wines.

6:30 pm Round Table: beyondthe Dogliani DOCG appellation, zoning possibilities and production specifications.

Tasting Booths

Open from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Admission €15.00.

Fauzone Palace

Palazzo Fauzone di Montaldo is located in the Piazza district, the heart of Mondovi’s historic city center.

It was in this area, beginning in the 12th century, that the first nucleus of the free commune destined to take on a significant role in the history of Piedmont and in the expansionist aims of the House of Savoy.

Palazzo Fauzone today has an architectural structure from the Renaissance period, in particular it has 15th-century frescoes and decorated coffered ceilings from the 1500s.

As the family always continued to play prominent roles in the economic development and government of the Savoy Duchy.

Purchased by Barbara Franco in 2016, after seven years of painstaking conservation restoration it has reopened to the public in the form of a precious relais that blends its historical vocation with the themes and suggestions of international literature.

The event

Terroir Dogliani, organized by the Bottega del Vino Dogliani, puts at the center of three days of tastings and seminars the presentation of the new vintages of Dogliani DOCG Superiore 2022 and Classico 2023, the wine that is the emblem and identity of this part of the Langa.

Alongside this, however, it has also decided to offer the upcoming vintages of wines born from other grape varieties, a production that is currently growing within the borders of Dogliani DOCG.

Dogliani is not just a wine, it is not just a village, but it is an area with a vocation given by the peculiarities and differences of the twenty-one municipalities that make up the DOCG, a mosaic that, thanks to its different soils, cooler climate given by the altitude and proximity to the mountains, and thanks to his agricultural savoir-faire., is opening up new avenues on White, sparkling, rosé and red wines, roads worth knowing through the tasting tables and workshops at this event.

Three days, two of which are dedicated to an audience of wine enthusiasts who, in addition to wine, want to learn more about the Dogliano area and its food and wine culture, and one more designed for the press and operators, oriented on masterclasses and in-depth studies strictly related to wine.

Organized by

Bottega del Vino Dogliani DOCG


03 June 2024

at 10:30


03 June 2024

at 20:00

How to participate

For more information call or email

In Mondovi Piazza, parking spaces are limited.

An 'alternative may be to leave the car in the lower part of Mondovi Breo to go up to Piazza by funicular.

Indirizzo: Palazzo Fauzone Relais, Via Vico, Mondovì, CN, Italia

Fauzone Palace

Palazzo Fauzone Relais, Via Vico, Mondovì, CN, Italia
Directions ↝

Bottega del Vino Dogliani DOCG

La Bottega è una associazione fra i produttori del Dogliani. Ha sede nelle cantine di un antico convento dove è possibile degustare e acquistare i vini.

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