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Turin Wine Salon

Turin Wine Fair returns: 500 wineries expected, including exhibition weekends and more than 100 events in the city

from Monday

04 March 2024

at 11:00

to Monday

04 March 2024

at 18:00

Salone del libro 2024

The Turin Wine Fair reaches its 2nd edition from Saturday, March 2 to Monday, March 4 within two exhibition spaces: the OGR Turin and the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento.

What’s new in the 2024 edition

A great event, dedicated to all wine lovers designed to tell its story through tradition and innovation, culture, music and literature.
Themission of the Turin Wine Salon 2024 is to tell the Piedmont of wine in all its facets and typicality, discovering the deep roots of a territory capable of looking to the future, through the magnifying glass of sustainability.
A journey that narrates the
, with the aim of enhancing the great diversity and viticultural richness of Piedmont.

The 2024 edition of the Turin Wine Fair will be an authentic and engaging experience: we will have the opportunity to come into direct contact with wineries from all over our region, with young producers and realities of excellence, savoring wine in a context that goes beyond tasting.
We will reconstruct and return a homogeneous and articulated cross-section of our territory

Patrizio Anisio, director of the Turin Wine Fair, explains.
There are 500 wineries expected between the weekend exhibition and the rich in-depth program of the Salone OFF.
Great news of this 2024 edition will also be the involvement of a guest region: the Aosta Valley , which, together with the Consorzio Vini Valle d’Aosta, its wine cellars and its great

will give the general public an opportunity to learn about an area rich in history and tradition.

Getting into the swing of things

On Saturday, March 2, the main stage of the Turin Wine Fair will host, from hrs. 18, Panel on environmental sustainability and climate change in relation to the world of wine and food along with Mario Tozzi, first CNR researcher and Science Disclosure, Chiara Foglietta, Councillor for Ecological and Digital Transition and Policy for the Environment and the lecturers Luca Giorgio Carlo Rolle and Paolo Sabbatini of the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences.
The potential and criticalities of the wine supply chain and its by-products will also be explored in the talk by Prof. Tamborrini and Dr. Eleonora Fiore, University of Parma and Polytechnic University of Turin.
At the center of the debate, also the theme of.
enotourism and the relationship between wine and the city together with
Dario Gallina, president of the
Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Paolo Chiavarino Councillor for Commerce of the City of Turin, professors Giovanni Peira and Alessandro Bonadonna from the Department of Management Valete Cantino of the University of Turin and Corrado Scapino – president of the Enoteca Regionale dei Vini della Provincia di Torino.
To conclude the day, Luca Paiardi and Danilo Ragona, the former an architect and musician, the latter an entrepreneur and designer, friends on a journey to show how the limits of disability can be overcome.
At the Turin Wine Salon they will tell about Borghi in Carrozza and Viaggio Italia, as well as launch their new research and in-depth initiatives.

The second day between tradition and the future

On Sunday, March 3 at 3 p.m. , they will look to the future, the challenges of heroic viticulture and the enhancement of wine and food together with the Aosta Valley Region and the Aosta Valley Wines Consortium, in dialogue with journalist Piera Genta of Corriere della Sera.
At the center of the day, also the presentation of the new Guide Go Wine Cantine d’Italia 2024, together with the president Massimo Corrado and the presence of some of the historic wineries of Piedmont that are ‘worth the trip’.
At 5:30 p.m. together with theNational Association of Women of Wine and twenty Piedmontese municipalities, for the first time united under a single acronym of European Wine City 2024, they will talk about traditions between the present and the future of the wine world.

Day three: internationality with Piedmont at its center

A delegation of buyers from northern Europe will be present at OGR Turin on Monday, March 4, during the day dedicated to professional operators.
The delegation of Danish and German operators consists of medium-sized importers, distributors active in the sector, specialized wine shops and wine bars.

A program aimed at discovering Piedmontese wines through Masterclasses, guided tours of the Salon and meetings with producers will be dedicated to them.

The initiative is organized in collaboration with Unioncamere Piemonte with the aim of facilitatingmeetings between small producers at the show and operators from northern Europe.

Local food policies and sustainable lifestyles will also be discussed on the main stage at OGR Turin as part of the Food Atlas, withAgronomist Massimo Pinna and Prof. Egidio Dansero of the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society at Unito.

Finally, an entire in-depth focus is devoted to the Young Winegrowers of the territories of Valsusa, Pinerolo, the Turin Hills and Canavese in comparison with the Metropolitan City of Turin.

Info and insights on the show’s official website.

Organized by

Salone del vino


04 March 2024

at 11:00


04 March 2024

at 18:00

How to participate

20.30 € salon (OGR Turin) + 5 tokens
30.30 € salon (OGR Turin) + 18 tokens
20.30 € salon (Museo del Risorgimento) + 5 tokens
30.30 € hall (Museo del Risorgimento) + 18 tokens
20.30 € salon (OGR Torino and Museo del Risorgimento) + 6 tokens

Indirizzo: OGR, Corso Castelfidardo, Torino, TO, Italia

Ogr Turin and Museum of the Risorgimento

OGR, Corso Castelfidardo, Torino, TO, Italia
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