Cherasco — Solomon Theater

NavenerA live

Concert-prime presentation of the NavenerA project by Marco "Ciuski" Barberis, drummer of the Italian indie rock scene

from Friday

05 April 2024

at 21:00

to Friday

05 April 2024

at 22:00

Marco “Ciuski” Barberis, a native of Cherasque, after a 30-year career as a drummer on the Italian alternative rock circuit, decided to return to the theater where it all began, when he was a child, and for the first time saw what were called “rock bands” on stage at the time.

He does so with his new project, in which for the first time he puts himself forward as a singer, as well as, of course, as a drummer.

An album of unreleased songs that tell the point of view of those who do not give up dreaming of a better world for all.

The songs tell in no uncertain terms about a reality, the contemporary one, which often sees us as prisoners of the cages we ourselves have built, moving further and further away from our true nature.

A concert in which ears, eyes, and most of all the heart are needed.

In addition to the album, the NavenerA project includes a graphic novel of the same title, In Fondo, written by Marco Barberis himself and drawn by Massimo Blangino from Braid: the two are linked by a friendship dating back to their high school days and a shared passion for music and comics.

On the Solomon stage, Marco “Ciuski” Barberis on vocals and drums will be joined by Fabio Pollono on electric guitar and Alec Dreiser on bass.

Organized by

Teatro Salomone


05 April 2024

at 21:00


05 April 2024

at 22:00

How to participate

Free admission

Indirizzo: Teatro Salomone, Via San Pietro, Cherasco, CN, Italia

Solomon Theater

Teatro Salomone, Via San Pietro, Cherasco, CN, Italia
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Teatro Salomone

Teatro a Cherasco gestito dalla compagnia Teatro delle dieci.

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