Cherasco — Solomon Theater

Francis, the Wolf and Prince Siddhartha

Company the Shift ZC presents the story of little Dasa who loves ancient stories. Stories of wolves, brave men, baby goats and priests

from Sunday

10 March 2024

at 17:00

to Sunday

10 March 2024

at 18:30

Dramaturgy and direction

Giordano V. Amato


Amandine Delclos

Live music

Claudio Micalizzi

Company the Changing ZC

Dasa was born in Umbria, in Monteleto, near Gubbio, and of his birth he remembers what no one usually remembers!

Not only that, he also knows that his name has been heard far away.

Little Dasa loves old stories: the ones he receives and the ones he tells. Stories of wolves, brave men, baby goats and priests.

He has ordinary and extraordinary meetings, but most of all he dreams.

Dasa has very strange dreams, which she never tells anyone about, she dreams about very high, snowy mountains and animals that she has never seen in Umbria and perhaps exist only in her imagination, Dasa dreams about Tibet!

But does Dasa dream or remember?

Answers come from afar and …. the adventure begins.

Theater Food for Thought

The season promises to delight the cultural palate of every viewer. Official sponsor Gemini Project.

The general organization is taken care of by The Theatre of Ten, which on this occasion inaugurates the three-year entrustment of the Solomon’s through Municipal Call for Proposals in
collaboration with ControRealtà and Piccolo Teatro di Bra Odv, thus promising a synergy of talents and experiences in the local theater scene.

The season’s shows include a variety of genres, from brilliant comedies and wordless performances to children’s drama and
families. Side events will also be offered to further enrich the theater experience.

Organized by

Teatro Salomone


10 March 2024

at 17:00


10 March 2024

at 18:30

How to participate

8.00 € Single ticket



Indirizzo: Teatro Salomone, Via San Pietro, Cherasco, CN, Italia

Solomon Theater

Teatro Salomone, Via San Pietro, Cherasco, CN, Italia
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