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Easter egg hunt

A day for children ages 4 to 10 to dig up Easter eggs, have fun decorating them and win chocolate desserts

from Saturday

30 March 2024

at 09:00

to Saturday

30 March 2024

at 17:00

On Saturday, March 30, prepare your children for a fun day outdoors in search of lost Easter eggs!

Participants will have 10 minutes to find as many eggs as they can and place them in the basket: based on the number of eggs unearthed, they will receive as many chocolate cakes.

A unique magical golden egg will also be hidden; those who uncover it will get a special prize.

All other children will still receive colorful balloons.

Once the hunt is over, the children can decorate their eggs, which they will then take home.

The event is dedicated to children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old who will try their hand at finding Easter eggs.

Followed by a snack for young and old.

What is included:

  • bunny ears
  • egg hunting activity with prize
  • egg-coloring workshop
  • snack for adults and children.

Organized by

Francesca Mo


30 March 2024

at 09:00


30 March 2024

at 17:00

How to participate

20.00 € per person (both large and small)

The activity will take place during 9:00→12:00 and 15:00→17:00 hours.

The event is limited to a maximum number of 30 participants per time slot.

Reservations are required by email or phone (whatsapp).

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