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Neviglie, a small medieval town in the Western Langa, is the land of Moscato, Dolcetto and Barbera.

Hidden in the hills between Mango, Treiso and Neive, the town enjoys an incredible view over the vineyards and a finely restored historic center, which make it an interesting tourist destination.

Here, in the 1950s, grandfather Cesare in his twenties with a few coins in his pocket planted his first vineyards, without particular demands or ambitions.

A family, a house, two brothers, a story, some quarrels, a dream that becomes concrete.

The charm of the vineyard began to involve him more and more, leading him over the years to buy more land and also attracting his son Claudio, with a now vivid goal: to bottle wines with the family surname, Bongioanni.

To achieve this result are Federico and Mattia, the two sons of Claudio, who in 2018 decide to join forces and realize the family dream, transforming a grape producing company into a fully-fledged winery.

The Wines

The hectares are many, the bottles produced are few ... why? They select only the best!

Today the company is spread over 22 hectares in continuous growth, from which however they select only the best grapes.

This is demonstrated by the number of bottles produced, which is around 15,000; the rest of the grapes are still sold to other wineries.

The varieties produced are those typical of these hills: a quality that originates in simplicity, giving life to transparent wines, convivial but at the same time at the maximum of their potential.

The young age of the two brothers is perceptible in the minimal graphics, as well as in the openness to the most modern practices, in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Priority is given to the sustainability and well-being of the earth, proven by the luxuriance of the rows, immersed in a spontaneous and rich green.

Our intent is not to offer you a simple bottle of wine. We are here to offer you an opportunity to be together.

The mission

Federico and Mattia are in full agreement on what their goal is, which is not limited to wine production.

Their bottles contain the passion of two young people who put everything into play, and who see the world of wine as a splendid opportunity for conviviality and sharing.

Produced Wines

Langhe DOC Arneis
Dolcetto d'Alba DOC
Langhe DOC Nebbiolo
Barbera d'Alba DOC superiore
Moscato d'Asti DOCG
Vino bianco aromatico “EZ”

Vineyards Extension

22 Ha

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Visits & Tastings

Federico and Mattia take care of every aspect of the production: even the tour!!

There are three different possibilities, three routes to choose from to discover the Bongioanni Wine company.

Three grapes → € 10.00 per person

Upon arrival at the company you will be accompanied through the winemaking rooms discovering some of the various tools and conditions necessary for the development of an excellent wine.

At the end of the visit you will find yourself inside the welcoming tasting room where it will be possible to taste 3 wines, accompanied by a story of how each of these products is born.

Grapes-Wines → € 25.00 per person

The visit develops in a similar way to the first through the cellar rooms.

At the end of this, however, you will find not only 4 glasses of wine waiting for you, but also First filet cured meats, some hazelnut-based products from the Corilanga company and some cheeses to accompany the tasting.

Panoramic Grapes → € 20.00 per person

This visit completely changes scenery: bring a spare pair of shoes and get ready to take a few steps to savor the scents of the area.

The visit will develop by walking through the vineyards dealing with agronomic issues and telling some anecdotes on how an excellent grape is produced to be transformed into wine.

At the end of this walk you will taste 3 wines on top of one of the most panoramic hills of Neviglie, from which they obtain Moscato d’Asti.


max 15 people

Visit Duration

1 h 30 min



Tasting Price

Starting at 10€

The green experience

A new Piedmontese certification to certify sustainability in the vineyard.

Instead of relying on the most common certifications, the two brothers chose to take part in “The Green Experience”, the Piedmontese network of producers who practice green, rethought and sustainable viticulture.

The project encourages and certifies the strong reduction in the use of plant protection products, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.

These are replaced by organic fertilizers, green manure, mechanical weeding and agronomic practices aimed at the well-being of the plant.

“The Green Experience”, born just 3 years ago, already has 1200 producers of Langhe and Roero, with 700 hectares of green manure and 500 of sexual confusion.

FIVI: Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers

They are also part of the FIVI, which enhances and protects the winemakers who follow the production of grapes and wine, as well as its marketing entirely in person without relying on third parties.

Prices & Services

Visit Bongioanni Wine and get carried away by their passion

Types of visit

  • Three grapes → € 10.00 per person: visit and tasting of 3 wines
    Grapes-Wines → € 25.00 per person: visit and tasting of 4 wines, paired with cured meats, cheeses and hazelnut-based products
    Panoramic Grapes → € 20.00 per person: walk in the vineyard and panoramic tasting of 3 wines


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Bongioanni Wine

Via provinciale 5 Neviglie
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The castle of Grinzane Cavour

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The castle of Benevello

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The parish church of saint Frontiniano Martyr

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Palazzo Salmatoris

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Libano’s Cedar

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