Wandering in Langa

The best places for a picnic or snack in the meadows

May 1, 2022

Spring puts a smile on everyone’s faces: the sun begins to warm the air, the first buds emerge, trees and meadows are once again green and blooming. Who wouldn’t want to organize a nice picnic in contact with nature, accompanied by a wicker basket filled with delicious food, prepared with care and dedication just before departure?

Well then, moms, dads, friends and relatives get together and agree on a date and time, and we at Langhe.net will take care of the location.

Below, you’ll find some of the most beautiful places to spend a day relaxing and having fun, immersed in a breathtaking territory.

Lower Langa

The Tanaro park

The green area of the Parco Tanaro park, in Alba, is without a doubt ideal for large families with children and pets: it’s located away from roads and has a games area for children, and it’s the perfect place to reach by bicycle.

What’s more, those who love to cook and enjoy eating can prepare a rich barbecue because the area has many grills, which can be used with the kiosk owner’s permission.

San Pietro delle Viole Chapel

On the road between La Morra and Barolo, next to the 15th century chapel dedicated to Saint Peter Vignoleis (from the vineyards), most commonly known as the Chapel of Saint Peter of the Violets, you will find a well equipped area for your picnic or snack.

You’ll enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Barolo hills and admire the ancient Volta castle: built in the XII century, it is now partially abandoned. Legend has it that in the 14th century, during some particularly libertine festivities, it was the devil’s will to seize the souls of the participants and as a result the room’s ceiling collapsed, hence the name the Volta (vault) Castle.

Furthermore, if you’re an enthusiast of good wine, you can try visiting the Sylla Sebaste winery, which you’ll find just a stone’s throw from the chapel. Upon reservation, the owners will be more than happy to let you taste their wines and show you the rooms where they are produced.

Verduno Belvedere

Verduno Belvedere

The Verduno panoramic scenery has a unique charm: a grassy square surrounded by stone benches and trees.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, you will enjoy a clean lawn, on which to lay your blankets, along with the wine bar that you’ll find in the square, just before climbing the few steps leading to the panoramic scenery.

The only flaw is that our pet friends are not allowed.


Belvedere del Castello di Magliano Alfieri

Castle of Magliano Alfieri

Castle of Magliano Alfieri

If you love culture and wish to combine the experience of a picnic with a museum visit, our suggestion is to go to Magliano Alfieri.

Behind the castle, the gardens will be your host during your stay, while your spirits will be enthralled by the presence of two museums: the Museum del Paesaggio (landscape) will allow you to discover the Langhe and Roero territory, between past and present, and the Museum del Gesso (gypsum) will help you understand how important gypsum was for the local people up until the 1960s.

Roero forest park

The Roero Forest Park, located in the municipality of Sommariva Perno, is ideal for the kids and offers barbecue facilities, toilets and a play area made entirely of wood.

It’s a perfect place for an out-of-town meal immersed in nature and a stroll among dense forests, meadows, streams and lakes.

The park also offers an educational garden, to help learn to recognize the various forest species that inhabit the territory.

The Madonna dei Piloni Sanctuary

Madonna dei Piloni Sanctuary

Madonna dei Piloni Sanctuary

From Montà you can reach, by foot, the Madonna dei Piloni Sanctuary: a small church of Romanesque origin where you’ll find benches on which to rest and have your picnic.

If you’re up to venturing on a stroll through the woods, you can take the Via Crucis, which will lead you to visit the chapels (the pylons) that surround and give name to the sanctuary.

High Langa

Between Manera and Monpiano

If you’re a little lazy, and instead of a picnic you prefer a lunch prepared by expert hands, you can choose to take this small path.

Along the provincial road leading to Montemarino, you’ll find directions for the Pavaglione Farmstead. We suggest to leave the car and continue on foot. Once there you can visit the thematic library where you will find works by Fenoglio and Pavese, but also books dedicated to the Alta Langa while admiring paintings by Berruti.

Continuing along the road, you’ll reach a small hamlet, San Bovo, where you will find a bar-tavern that offers typical dishes at a good price.

Todocco Sanctuary

Todocco Hill

Photo credits: Todocco Sanctuary

In Pezzolo Valle Uzzone, a village in the Alta Langa on the border between Piedmont and Liguria, you’ll find the Todocco Sanctuary, which is said to have been erected at the point where the Madonna appeared to a shepherdess and healed her performing a miracle.

From here, a Via Crucis begins and leads into the woods, along which you can find rest areas with tables where you can stop and relax under the trees and, if you brought one along, have your snack.

Benevello panoramic view

Going along the road leading from Benevello to Lequio Berria, towards the Vallone and Coste localities, you’ll reach the highest panoramic point in the area.

It has tables and benches and it will no doubt be the perfect spot for a picnic in the open air immersed in the tranquility of the landscape.

In Gorzegno in the Pianelle hamlet

Just before reaching the short tunnel which marks the entrance to the village of Gorzegno, you need to turn right (if you come from Alba) and climb up towards the Pianelle hamlet. Follow the main road and in a few minutes you’ll arrive at the top of the hill’s crest.

You’ll know you’ve reached destination because the paved road suddenly ends, becoming a mule track that goes through the woods.

On your right you’ll see a large field, perfect for laying down your blankets and opening your bags with your vittles, while an extraordinary (almost) 360 degree view of the surrounding hills will make your snack unforgettable.

For those of you who are a little more adventurous we suggest taking the path into the forest that leads to Cravanzana: the fun is guaranteed!

In conclusion…

After all these suggestions there’s nothing left for you to do but choose and go the place that best suits your needs along with your wicker basket full of goodies.

And, in the hope that the weather will grant us plentiful sunny days, keep these places in mind and visit as many as possible; they’ll no doubt cheer up your days.

And what about snacks?

If you are unfamiliar with picnics and need a little more information, check out our guide.

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