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The 7 best food & wine holidays in Italy

October 14, 2020

Italy is all about wine and food in one or the other way. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Whatever wine or food Italy offers, it’s for the best!

Italy has it all in its bucket for travelers from cooking tuitions, wine tastings, and food & wine tours. In this article, we’ve rounded up the seven best food and wine holidays in Italy.

Amalfi coast

1. Cooking Class Holiday
On Amalfi Coast

You can find five-star hotels, vintages from centuries-old Roman and Greeks cultivated grapes, with its authentic seasonal food, all in one place in Amalfi Coast.

Also, you can spend your days in Sorrento enrolling in one of its cooking classes holidays program.

Tuscany food & wine

2. Tour & Taste Vacation
In Tuscany

The wine masters and vineyards experts will accompany you once you are in Tuscany.

The six days ‘Ultimate Tuscany’ tour is famous for letting connoisseurs taste Sassicaia red wine from Tenuta San Guido, classic wines from Chianti.

The Gagliardo winery in La Morra

3. Langhe Wine Tour
To learn Wine Tastings

Who would want to miss the promising wine tasting lesson holidays in one of the wine tasting destination in Langhe?

The visit to Langhe showcase the wines production while walking around the estate and learning about wine tastes is on most wine lovers’ holiday lists.

The program focuses on making enthusiasts learn about wine, its types, and the technicalities of its process.

Veneto hills

4. Enjoying Prosecco With Parmesan
In Veneto

If alpenglow expeditions suggest you hit the wine hills in Veneto, don’t say no!

Both the best wine Prosecco and the best cheese Parmesan are the children of Italy. The good news is you can enjoy having them on a three-day tour in Veneto.

This tour breaks into some elegant vineyards to make you taste the nicest wine varietals. Also, the family-owned private places let you have mouthwatering food along.

Restaurant in Venice

5. Culinary Experience
In Venice City

Venice has a killer town and travelers love it! Its tours include wine tasting, food pairings, cooking classes, and much more beyond you can think for food & wine.

You can surely opt for guided walking tours to explore Venice city.

Orvieto, town in Umbria

6. Knowing Food & Wine
of the Umbria Region

Umbria is the blockbuster wine region in Italy. Towards Tuscany’s east, Umbria awaits tourists to offer the best culinary experiences blended with courteous hospitality.

During the popular seven days, eight nights tour to the village in Norcia of Umbria town, your stay will be at the Relais & Châteaux‎ Palazzo Seneca Hotel.

The colourful Sicily

7. Exploring Wine, Culture & Food
In Sicily

The islands of Sicily are motherland for wine, culture, adventure & food. The tour from Catania to Palermo stretches eleven days of excitement, fabulous food, outstanding wine, and remarkable experiences.

During the eleven nights accommodated in three different locations, you get to stay in a place with sweeping views of Mount Etna.

Final Verdict

Find out which holiday is best for you, compare it online, verify reviews and ratings, make an itinerary, and set your foot into magical Italian holidays this year.