Wandering in Langa

8 alternative reasons to choose Langhe and Roero

July 14, 2015

Some people prefer the orderly geometries designed on the Langhe lands, while others favor Roero’s wilderness with its reddish soil and dense wooded areas of the Fortresses. Two different spirits with two different capitals, Alba on the one side and Bra on the other.

We asked people, passersby, tourists and residents to tell us the strengths of why they choose to stay in these areas and why they love to live there. We selected 8, the most popular. Obviously, the more traditional answers such as the wines, the truffles and the food were not allowed!

#1 The network of trails

The hiking itineraries are varied and include paths of different lengths and difficulty. Over the years some may change and disappear altogether, while new ones are created. The good news is that they can be traversed on foot or by mountain bike.

#2 The Castles

For those who have never tried it, you simply need to climb up one of the hills and look towards the towns of: Castiglione Falletto, Barolo, Serralunga, Grinzane, or Sommariva Perno, Baldissero, Monticello. Each town has its own castle… And those that don’t have one, have either a beautiful tower or bell tower that makes it recognizable.

#3 The Mangialonga

The historic one is in La Morra, but every year new ones spring up: food and wine walks dedicated to good food and having fun, all seasoned with wine (lots of wine) and with more and more tourists  participating. Many of these events take place in the evening, an aspect that shouldn’t be underestimated.


On the Mangialonga road

#4 A land to photograph

Here, photography lovers take pictures in every season, especially during spring and autumn. The favorite subject matter? The sunset that reddens the leaves of the vines in late September and lengthens the shadows of the castles and the cedars of La Morra, the Fortresses and Roero’s chestnut forests.

#5 Peace and quiet

Without straying too far from the most populous towns it’s still possible to enjoy some peace and quiet. In summer it can be quite pleasant to seek shelter from the heat in the hills and in the evening, when all is quiet, enjoy a light summer breeze, the sound of crickets and the company of fireflies.

#6 “Therapeutic” High Langa

A German tourist, met on a path in Murazzano a few summers ago, told of how he felt at peace with himself after spending a week in a small house in a remote village in High Langa where the pace of life appears slower than other areas, there is less noise and more tranquility. Seeing is believing.


Fruit and vegetable stands at the Saturday market in Alba under the covered wing


#7 The markets

Tourists love to browse among the local markets stands, and not only in Alba and Bra: many like going to the smaller and traditional markets found in small towns like Cortemilia, Dogliani or Costigliole d’Asti

#8 Collisioni and summer cultural events

The Collisioni music and literary festival, launched in 2009 in Novello and now held in Barolo, attracts more and more people annually and has become increasingly international.

It manages to attract diverse audiences by combining culture, music and the flavors of Langa and by bringing Italian and international guests on stage.

What are your views? Let us know… Who knows, there may be more interesting and unexpected surprises.