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Dietary aspects of cheese

Cheese should be considered as food that is particularly suitable to meet the needs of adolescent growth and as food for protecting adults. Composition The food and nutritional principles that provide cheese these benefits are represented by the presence of large quantities of high biological protein values and a phosphorus-calcium-vitamin D complex. Cheese is a […]

Bra tenero

Bra cheese has gotten its name from the town of Bra, that was in the past the biggest center for seasoning and selling this cheese. It was in Bra that, back then, the cheese was born. According to Delforno, the cheese was born very long ago and the old piedmontese cheese-makers don’t remember any other kind of cheese produced in this zone.


Characteristics Production zone Provinces of Cuneo and Torino. Characteristics Cheese of cow’s milk, if necessary with ovine and oat’s milk, with soft and raw dough. Shape and Dimensions Round, almost flat, with 10-15 cm diameter. Maximum high: 2 cm. It weighs 150 to 300 g, depending on its dimensions. The rind is wrinkled, yellow-white with […]