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January 15, 2013


Production zone

Only in the area between the Tanaro and the Vermenagna rivers.


Cheese of oat’s molk, sometimes with cow’s milk, fat or half-fat, with raw, half-hard and pressed dough.

Shape and dimensions

Cylindric shape, with 30-35 cm diameter, 8-10 cm high. Weighs 4 to 8 kilos. Thin rind, dark yellow, that thickens during the seasoning.

Looks of the dough

Compact dough, white or pale yellow; when seasoned, it can have green veins.

Production technique

It is made with oat’s molk, sometimes mixed with cow’s milk.

The milk is warmed up at 37° C, and mixed with rennet; after having been coagulated and broken it is left alone for one hour.

The mix is then taken, kneaden and pressed. The seasoning lasts at least two months, sometimes up to one year.

Taste and smell

delicate flavours whren the cheese is fresh; more intense when it’s seasoned, because of the oat’s milk. Its sweet taste is more intense in the fresh moulds, while the seasoned ones are a bit hot.

How to eat it


Recommended wines

Nebbiolo d’Alba, Roero giovane, Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba.