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The truffle and the history of Alba

The truffle entered the history of this area in a very natural way, in ancient times. Triffole or tartuffoli were one of the regular Communities’ expenses, made each year to honour lords and feudatars by giving them the precious mushrooms. But truffles were bought also by simple farmers, and when in 1741 count Carlo Giacinto […]

Truffle and terroir: the Rocche of Roero

The truffle is a precious commodity, constantly discussed, but always surrounded by an aura of mystery. The enthusiasts learn to distinguish the main varieties, including the characteristics of the White from d’Alba, the Black and the Scorzone truffle, but few know the facets of this rough diamond of the earth. The question is very similar […]

Three wine producers at the World Truffle Market in Alba

As everyone knows, the World Truffle Market is held in the Maddalena courtyard during the fair. Despite the word “World” leads one to think of something that’s electronic and futuristic (global markets in times of transnational globalization – or something along those lines), the Truffle Market is simply a pavilion inhabited by ‘trifulau’ (truffle hunters) […]

The Barolo Chinato

It’s a product born into the backshop of chemistries and spicy grocers between the end of ‘800 and the start of ‘900 probably taking back and ancient habit spread into Langhe hills of using spicy wine as a medicament against some light illnesses. The idea of treating a noble wine as Barolo to a herboristic […]

Hazelnut of the Langhe

The Langhe produce one third of all the hazelnuts of the province of Cuneo; their total harvest is of 80 thousand quintals a year. The local kind of hazelnut is the Gentle Round Hazelnut of the Langhe (of the Corylius Avellana species), with an excellent and delicate taste, easy to peel and to preserve. Already […]

The “Masche” in the collective imagination

A woman laden with years, with a disagreeable, repugnant face, rough and dark skin that suddenly becomes deathly white, cadaverous, with a low, narrow forehead covered with a thousand lines, veiled eyes, crooked in their sockets, and a voice that is hoarse and tremulous, at times imperceptible. Fear of the female witch, endowed with magic […]