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How to get a wine stain out

February 1, 2021

Wine is your ultimate love, and so is that pricey carpet lying in your living room. Although you have been quite careful about your wine glass, yet you accidentally spilled a few drops on that precious carpet. And you seemed to be quite worried about it.

Firstly, do not panic as these stains won’t ruin the carpet if you manage to get hold of the right ways to get rid of them. If you want an effortless carpet cleaning, you can go for Woodard Cleaning & Restoration, which provides you with the best carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial purposes.

The first advice? Act soon: wine stains can get quite stubborn with time!

If you do not want to opt for the professional services, here are a few of the fantastic ways to get rid of those nasty wine stains from your carpet without any hassles.

1. Be Fast to Act

So, the first and primary advice to all people out there has to be that you need to be spontaneous. You must know how fast you need to respond to the stains. See, these stains can get quite lousy and stubborn for you if you do not act quickly. Therefore, you need to act soon.

If you have a gathering at your place, do not scare the guests out of that place. Instead, grab a paper towel or something that can absorb the wine. Start using this absorbent as a blotting medium and get the stain as much as possible in an up-and-down motion.

Do not rub the stain from the carpet. It is quite crucial not to rub it as it can make the entire situation quite worse. So, the deal here is to work from the outwards. Good luck trying out this method.

2. Vinegar Can Save You

If you want to get rid of tough wine stains, try using vinegar for a change. Vinegar is readily available in your kitchen, and it offers you the best way to get rid of such nasty stains. But for that, you need to prepare a proper solution first.

Rubbing the stain might make it worse. Work it in an up-and-down motion, starting from the outwards.

Get a bowl and mix 15 milliliters of dishwashing liquid, 236 milliliters of warm water, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Also, make sure to use only white vinegar for this method. That is because other kinds of vinegar can leave behind their stains.

Get a clean rag and soak it in the vinegar mixture. Dab it on the stained part slowly and let the mixture seep into the deep carpet layers. It can potentially loosen the stain and thereby help you to get rid of it.

Also, get another dry rag to blot the liquid as much as possible. After that, try putting some water directly on the stain. And keep dabbing it with a drying towel once again, and it might do the trick for you.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap

This is yet another brilliant combination that you can prepare any time at your place. Get a generous amount of dish soap and mix hydrogen peroxide with it.

Well, the amount of the mixture would solely depend on the size and the depth of your wine stain. You can directly spray the mixture on the carpet or proceed just like the previous procedure. In any case, remember that hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleaching agent.

It is ideal for use on light-colored carpets. If you are anxious about discoloration, make sure to lower the chemical amounts in the solution.

4. Baking Soda and White Wine: A Deadly Combo

Do not get shocked by this trick. It might seem like the last solution, but it is worth a try. Use clear white wine that can essentially come across like a lifesaver. If you do not have water handy, this one can help you out.

Not everything is under your control, even if you know all the expert tricks and tips. If nothing works, call a professional!

White wine is an effective solution that can dilute the stain like water. It helps lessen the stain’s impact, and the perfect combo of white wine with baking soda can help you manage the stain quite effectively.

5. Get the Experts

If all these tricks do not help you eliminate that stubborn wine stain from your carpet, do not lose hope. Instead, contact the professional services available around your home. It is essential to understand that not everything is under your control, even if you know all the expert tricks and tips.

These professionals have the right cleaning products and industrial methods to eliminate the stains without any complications.

The Bottom Line

These are a few practical ways to get rid of these stains from your precious carpets. It will help if you remember that you need to be steady and quick about fixing the carpet as these stains get nasty and stubborn with time.

You can also get stain removal products in the market for such situations. In any condition, make sure to know the chemicals’ little details before using them on your carpet. That is because these chemicals can ruin the texture or the color while removing the stains.

Hence, when in doubt, call professional services to avoid confusion.