Shortbread cake

January 22, 2013


  • 300 gr of wheat flour
  • 200 gr of butter
  • 200 gr of sugar
  • a whole egg
  • butter
  • 100 gr of cherry or apricot marmalade
  • the white of one egg beaten
  • 100 gr sweet almonds
  • sugar

What to prepare

  • a cake-tin
  • a wooden spoon


Mix 300 gr of wheat flour, 200 gr of butter, 200 gr of sugar and a whole egg and make a dough.

Make two equal layers of dough, grease the pan with some butter and put the first layer of dough, pouring the marmalade over it. Spread it very well and cover with the second layer of dough, brush the white of the egg on the top.

On the side prepare the crushed sweet almonds and spread it over the top together with a little bit of sugar. Bake in the oven until its cooked.


Another old recipe belonging to many centuries ago.

When I was a child, on Sundays we used to go over to Nonna Genia for lunch. As dessert she always used to make this shortbread cake because it used to remind her of when she was a child and her mother used to bake it for her. And who did her mother learn to bake it from?

And when did this happen?

It’s a very easy cake to bake and is good in every season for the simple ingredients its made from (wheat flour, home-made marmalade, butter and sugar), all easily found on the farmhouse.

A long time ago, when bread was really good and it was baked in the wood-burning ovens of the village, this cake found a little place in the oven after the bread finished baking and the oven’s heat reduced.

And at the same time, grandma cooked a few apples for their nephews in a basket of dough or some sweet and light galuciu.

Photo Credits: Sara Maternini