Chicken "hunter style"

July 23, 2011


  • 1,300 kg of chicken
  • oil
  • butter
  • a shoot of rosemary
  • a bay-leaf
  • pepper
  • a big onion
  • three ripe hillside tomatoes
  • 0.5 liter of broth

What to prepare

  • a saucepan
  • a wooden spoon
  • a poultry shear


Cut the chicken in pieces and brown together with oil, butter, rosemary, laurel and a dash of pepper. Add a big sliced onion and continue cooking until it becomes a nice golden color. At this point, add two or three diced ripe tomatoes and add every once in awhile a ladle of hot broth, trying to give the right thickness to the sauce. We suggest you serve with polenta during the autumn months.


When the telephone was yet to be invented different people used to stop by at the farmhouse, relatives, friends, especially the landlords living in the city who during the hunting season came to the countryside (how hares jumping around then, and how many partridges and pheasants!), what other dish could be prepared in less time with such great results?

This is a characteristic autumn dish, when the last tomatoes are ripening in the gardens and the first spring chicken have grown perfectly, so tender and with no fat.

Pick your chicken, kill it and clean it, lo cut in pieces and once it has browned drown it in tomato sauce during the final cooking phase. Sipping a glass of good wine and chatting about how the year went by, you enjoy watching the cook prepare the tagliatelle that are so good in all occasions, while the chicken is finally ready to serve so inviting, full of flavor and delicious.

If it is late autumn and the corn flour has been made, who can hold us back in front of a dish of polenta and chicken with a mouthwatering sauce, if for once we renounce to tagliatelle?