Corneliano d’Alba — Vekkio Cinema


A festival that represents the province's desire to shout out its need to express itself. An opening DJ set, six bands on stage, food & drinks

from Saturday

22 June 2024

at 16:30

to Saturday

22 June 2024

until late night

uzeda - eventi

The festival, organized by the Canalese*Noise boys, which brings Uzeda, Three Second Kiss, La Moncada, Treehorn, Ainu and Carne Lenta to the Cinema Vekkio stage.

“I believe in gut reactions,” sang a Ninja from Narzole amidst the acid sounds of his guitar, and so we, on instinct, reacted…and came back!

The festival that, perhaps, should never have stopped is resuming in fits and starts. We are here, ready to prove it.

The 2024 edition of OK FEST will tell of extraordinary guests, great and exciting returns along with the usual sprinkling of Canalese*Noise, to remind the world that the province still has plenty of desire to shout out its need to express itself, as it always has.

It will do so next June 22 in Corneliano d’Alba to continue a 25-year history that this year chooses as its theme “The Care of Sound.”

He will do it on the best stage we could choose, where the whole province feels at home.

The OK Little Man returns to the screen of Corneliano d’Alba’s Cinema Vekkio, confident of adding more precious bits and pieces to an incredible story.

The program

Doors open 4:30 p.m. with Scalabrothers DJ set.

Six bands will take the stage from 6 pm.

  • AINU

Food & Drinks.

The theme

“Sound care” has always been the common thread in our lives, in our choices.

It is both stimulation and protection, at once a burning flame and a safe haven.

When you put love into the pursuit of your sound expression, you know that you will receive back a tangible and nurturing return. You are taking care of you.

It is the certainty that music will never betray. It will always be there ready to mend your wounds when necessary.

These are the foundations on which the choice of the line-up and location rest, the result of connections, encounters and interlocking offspring of the same feeling.

“Sound care” is a theme that represents us because it is true beyond ambiguity. It is the leadership behind the program that will turn our ears.

The festival

The Ok Fest was born in 2008 from the desire of a group of friends to bring together in one event the best of the musical proposal of the province granda.

At that time the Cuneo scene was experiencing a golden moment, there were many active bands and the quality was very high.

There was also no shortage of spaces in which to play, and at every concert there was a meeting under the stage between musicians because everyone went to listen to everyone.

Image credit: Dom Barillaro

Organized by

Canalese Noise Records


22 June 2024

at 16:30


22 June 2024

at 00:00

How to participate

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Indirizzo: Circolo Cinema Vekkio, Corso Riddone, Corneliano d'Alba, CN, Italia

Vekkio Cinema

Circolo Cinema Vekkio, Corso Riddone, Corneliano d'Alba, CN, Italia
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Canalese Noise Records

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Fuh - Ruggine - Nevroshockingiochi - Io monade stanca - Treehorn

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