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Treasure Hunt in the Monferrato of Infernot

The first treasure hunt with stops among the typical Infernot of Monferrato, historical and cultural heritage

from Sunday

19 May 2024

at 09:00

to Sunday

19 May 2024

at 18:00

Caccia Monferrato Infernot -eventi

Treasure Hunt in the Infernot Monferrato.

On Sunday, May 19, 2024, the Municipalities of the Union of the Monferrato of the Infernot, in collaboration with the Association of Tourism in Langa, propose the 1st edition of the Treasure Hunt in the Monferrato of the Infernot.

The Infernot

The unique infernots, underground rooms traditionally used for storing wine bottles, the historical and cultural heritage made up of characteristic sights, churches and museums, and the food and wine excellences are the game map for a whole day to spend in the company of friends and family.

Excavated by hand in the Pietra da Cantoni, Infernot are located below ordinary dwellings and traditionally used for storing wine bottles. A tradition developed in the 19th century and passed down through these artifacts to the present day.

Playing in teams of up to 5 participants each, players will go in search of clues through thethrilling descent into cellars dug underground, tastings and guided tours of the cultural attractions of the Union’s municipalities.

The game

Hunters, after accreditation, will have the opportunity to play guided a web-app that will accompany them throughout the day, until the final awards ceremony.

Using their smartphones, they will be able to browse the various game trials and, at the end of each visit or tasting, unlock the next stage and proceed in the Treasure Hunt.

The Treasure Hunt in the Infernot Monferrato will go traveled by automobile, motorcycle or bicycle and will be developed on 3 different routes but similar in length and themes with 5 stages each, where participants, at predetermined times, will try their hand at game tests or quizzes inherent to the place visited.

Due to the lay of the land, with a view to eco-sustainability, one of the proposed routes will also be usable with bicycles, e-bikes or mountain bikes, in order to make the initiative more environmentally sustainable.

A whole day dedicated to lovers of the area and food and wine to spend with friends.

Playing as a team, participants will search for clues through winery tastings and guided tours of major cultural attractions, including the unique infernot, underground rooms resembling real works of art.

At the end of each itinerary, the participants will all be at the final location, as “surprise” as each stage touched during the day.

The Treasure Hunt in the Infernot Monferrato will not be a timed competition and the event will take place even if it rains.

Organized by

Turismo in Langa


19 May 2024

at 09:00


19 May 2024

at 18:00

How to participate

25.00 per person.

Included in the fee are:

Game kit (1 per team)
Access to the game application
Guided tours, tastings and experiences
Surprise participation prize

Indirizzo: Fubine Monferrato, AL, Italia


Fubine Monferrato, AL, Italia
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