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Roero Sergentin 2008 DOCG - Fabrizio Battaglino

March 2, 2011

From a small cellar in the Roero area, from its vineyards on the “Colla” and “Mombello” hills, arrives a high quality wine, which has to be served with the most typical dishes of the piedmontese cuisine.

The Roero DOCG Sergentin 2008, which is aged in Allier barriques for eighteen months, is one of the best examples of the Roero’s wine-making vocation.

Tasting Notes

An enchanting bouquet of raspberries with hints of roses and vanilla. A rich taste in the mouth with smooth tannins that are well balanced with the warmth of the body. It recalls the bark of dried roses, red currents and raspberries. Is well matched with plates based on meat and international cuisine and the best medium seasoned cheeses.

To be served at 18°C.