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Dogliani DOCG Cornole 2009 - La Querciola

November 4, 2012

During the last years, the small town of Dogliani has become the symbol of the high-quality Dolcetto, a wine that, because of its more complexed structure, can age longer than other Dolcetto wines.

3 millions bottles are produced each year in Dogliani and in other 9 neighbouring towns and from vintage 2011, all the Dolcetto from Dogliani became part of the élite of the DOCG wines, reaching the top of the “pyramid of quality” in Italy.

In this very new and unique appellation, we won’t find the word Dolcetto anymore, but only Dogliani, in order to strengthen the connection with the territory. Thanks to their commitment, their hard work and abilities, the wine makers succeded in producing a great wine, that can be considered as the best expression of Dolcetto.

The wine I am tasting today, is the Dogliani DOCG Cornale 2009 of the winery La Querciola produced using only Dolcetto grapes, which are grown on calcareous soils, with an optimal Sud-West exposure.

Fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks without using industrial yeasts, but only authochtonous ones (produced from the grapes) and lasts two weeks.

After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine ages 18 months in steel tanks and 6 in the bottle.

This wine is ruby red in colour with clear notes of red fruits – cherry and currant above all – the taste is dry, with a considerable but soft tannin, and the end is slightly bitter, typical of a well aged Dolcetto.

It is a very drinkable wine, that is perfect with dishes of the Piedmontese cusine: salami, meat “all’albese”, roasted peppers with “bagna cauda”, but also stuffed pasta such as ravioli or tajarin with meat sauce.

Because of its 14,50 % alcohol and its good structure, it goes also well with second meat dishes like the Piedmontese fritto misto (fried mixed foods).

Serve it at the temperature of 16 degrees.