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Dolcetto d'Alba DOC 2011 - Oreste Stefano

October 23, 2012

The red wine Dolcetto d’Alba is, without any doubts, the most appreciated wine in the Langhe area and for me, tasting it in Germany far away from my home land, makes me enjoying it much more, reminding pleasant sensations.

I waited with curiosity then, having tasted and enjoyed the version of 2010, to try the Dolcetto d’Alba Doc 2011 of Oreste Stefano and compare it to the previous year’s one.

I must say, it is really good, with the same softness and structure with those fruity hints and dry flavor , it differs, however, in amplitude of parfumes.

Let’s examine it in detail then:

Tasting notes:

The colour is clear, ruby red with light purple nuances, it runs fluid in the glass.

Its parfume is intense and very fruity (small red fruits such as cherries and raspberries), floreal (rosehip and fresh flowers) and quite spicy (cloves and almonds at the end).

The taste is dry (tipycal Dolcetto’s feature, that is not “sweet” as the name suggests), warm (13.5 degrees of alcohol) and immediately sapid (that raise the salivation). It is soft and bodied with a good acid-tannic combination which helps the general balance.

Produced with Dolcetto grapes in purity, it is a very drinkable wine that goes well with tasty appetizers like vitello tonnato, filled vegetables, quiches with fondue ecc…or dishes based on roasted meat as rabbit, pork, veal or middle aged cheese and cold cuts in general, soups, fresh pastas such as noodles with mushrooms, risottos, gnocchis with castelmagno cheese and ravioli with roast’ sauce.

Serve it in the proper glass, named “wide tulip”, at the middle temperature of 16 degrees.

Enjoy it!