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Barolo DOCG Gabutti Boasso 2006

March 16, 2012

Barolo is a red wine from Piedmont of  an extreme elegance and personality, born in the middle of XIX century with the Falletti family. Produced just using Nebbiolo grapes, it is known all over the world as the “king of wines” for its structure, richness of parfumes and aromas beside its ability to improve over time.

From the Gabutti-Boasso wine farm of Serralunga d’Alba (Cuneo) comes the great wine I’ve proposed to my friends recently, Barolo Gabutti 2006.

After having it breath for about 2/3 hours, we are finally around the table, ready for the tasting!

Tasting notes

Of an intense garnet red in colour, with light orange nuances.

Its bouquet is ethereal, wide and complex with fruity hints of blackberry, blueberry and cherry accompanied by delicate floreal notes of dry violet and rose. The spicy parfumes are evident, thanks to the aging, such as licorice, green pepper, cocoa and tobacco.

The taste is full, intense and warm (14 degrees). Dry and very well structured with a strong but pleasent tannic presence which determines its good longevity (it can be good even over 15/20 years).

Although it is good as a sipping wine, Barolo goes perfectly with well aged cold cuts and cheese or combined to red meat dishes or game in general like roasts, boiled, braised, stews, wild boar with polenta etc…

Remember, wine and food always have to exhalt each other in the combination!

Let’s serve it, after decantation, at the temperature of 18/20 degrees in the right balloon glass, perfect to spread all the scents.

Have a good taste!