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DOC Dolcetto d'Alba 2010 Madonna della Neve Gemma

January 4, 2012

Dolcetto d’Alba 2010 DOC Gemma comes from Roddino, its grape variety is cultivated in the famous area of Madonna della Neve: we are in the Langhe, among its hills, the medieval castels and view on the mountains.

Dolcetto is the wine that best represents the hard work in the vine rows, as well as that of the wine producers and it can be drunk either for lunch or for dinner. Excellent with bread and salami during a trip in the countryside.

It is mainly drunk in Piedmont and the inhabitants of the Langhe are very fond of this wine, but in the last years it became famous also outsidePiedmont.

The Dolcetto we are tasting today is produced by the winery Gemma, located in Serralunga d’Alba, an area which is very famous for the production of Barolo.

It is ruby red in colour with violet reflexes and a fruity perfume (typical for a young wine) with hints of cherry and blackberry.

Dry on the palate, it is an half-bodied wine with a good acidity and a pleasantly bitter finish.

It can be drunk every day and is perfect with Piedmontese antipasti, such as salami, vitello tonnato (poached veal served cold with tuna mayonnese), peperoni con bagna caoda (roasted peppers with a typical Piedmontese sauce made with garlic, olive oil and anchovies) but also with stuffed pasta or tajarin with a “sugo d’arrosto” sauce (sauce from a roast).

Serving temperature:15 °C