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Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2009 - Giacomo Vico

January 2, 2012

From Giacomo Vico‘s farm on the wonderful Roero hills (Cuneo) comes one of the most loved piedmontese wine, the Nebbiolo.

Its name probably comes from the Italian word “nebbia” which means “fog”, as the Nebbiolo vineyards, in the “Langhe” areas, are usually surrounded by a deep and intense fog during the harvest at the end of October.

This red wine is vinified in purity (only using Nebbiolo grapes) and has really good structure and longevity. It is perfect if combined to tasty dishes of red meat, game and cheese.

Let’s taste then the Langhe Nebbiolo D.o.c. 2009, red ruby intense in colour with light orange nuances.

It has a fine fruity and spicy bouquet which remind of small red fruit such as raspberries and currants beside vanilla, nutmeg and pepper.

The taste is full and well structured, warm (13.5 degrees). It is dry and slightly bitter at the end, with a nice softness due to a right balance of sapidity and tannicity.

The persistence of the aromas will allow you to taste it in all its fullness, making it perfect as a sipping wine as well or combined with cold cuts and middle aged cheese (like a testun or a castelmagno).

Ideal with fresh pastas with ragù sauce (meat sauce), mushrooms or fondue.

Being a full-bodied and structured wine, it’s essential (before the tasting) to open the bottle several hours to let the wine breathe in the “decanter” (the right wine jug) allowing the escape of flavours, aromas and the deposition of sediments.

Serve it at a middle temperature of 18-20C°.