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Freisa d'Asti DOC 2010 - I Tre Poggi

December 15, 2011

In Canelli, on the beautiful hills of the Astigiano, there is the farm “I Tre Poggi“, famous for the production of biodinamic wines (which vinification considers the astrologic influences on plants and soil) like the one we taste today: the Freisa d’Asti D.o.c. 2010

This red wine, produced with Freisa grapes in purity (native piedmontese vine known since 1500), is clear of a red ruby colour, slightly sparkling.

Its aroma, fine and aromatic, remembers the red ripe fruit (raspberry and cherry) and wildflowers (rose and violet) also showing delicate spicy perfumes at the end.

The taste is dry and quite sapid but delicate and fresh in its complex, thanks to the light fizz in it.

It is of a middle body and alcohol (13 degrees) being an easy to drink wine that fits well during all meal.

It is very good when combined with cold cuts and middle aged cheese, appetizers, grilled vegetables and pastas or with simple but tasty recipes based on meat such as boiled, roast or sausage, letting the Freisa’s effervescence and sapidity to easily “clean up” your mouth.

It has to be served in the right glass (large tulip) and tasted at a temperature between 14 – 16 degrees.