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DOC Langhe Nebbiolo 2009 Bricco Ruja Gemma

December 13, 2011

The status DOC Langhe was introduced in 1994 and it reaches a lot of communes in theprovinceofCuneo: some of the Roero like Canale and Vezza d’Alba, and those of the Langhe such as Neive, Alba, Novello, Monforte and Dogliani up to Mondovì.

Among the wines, which are allowed for this DOC, the Langhe Rosso and Langhe Bianco are the most general and at the same time interesting for the producers, who are free to invent fancy but snappy names.

Thanks to its high quality, the Langhe carved out its space in the world market during the years.

The Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2009 Bricco Ruja of the winery Gemma originates from the vineyards of Roddino, in the heart of the Langhe (near Serralunga and Monforte), and the grape variety is 100% Nebbiolo.

The grapes are harvested in the first decade of October and the  maceration (contact between grape juice and skins) takes 6 days at controlled temperature. The wine is than aged in stainless steel (70% ) and in oak barrels (30%) for at least 9 months.

It is ruby red in colour with garnet undertones, the taste is of ripe red fruit but there are also fruity notes like violet. The finish is lightly spicy due to the time it spends in oak barrels, that release its sweet tannins making it rounded and soft. It is a dry, velvety, and half-bodied wine with a good balance between alcohol, acidity and tannins, that makes it pleasant-tasting and elegant.

It can be perfectly combined with red meat but if we want to follow a menu, we should start with a Dolcetto eating some Piedmotese antipasti, carry on with a Langhe Nebbiolo with stuffed pasta (it is awesome with tajarin or agnolotti with ragout) and closing with the king of wines, the Barolo, eating wild boar or lepre al civet (in English hare in civet, a Piemontese technique for preparing hare by marinating it with wine, herbs and onions).

For the dessert drink always a sweet wine: either Moscato d’Asti or Asti spumante.

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C