Wandering in Langa

The most beautiful sites for a picnic in Langhe and Roero Part Four

April 20, 2023

We return to guide you to unearth the ideal places for a breakfast on the grass (a la Manet) or a lunch, snack… In short, an outdoor meal surrounded by nature and beauty.

This time we supplement the previous three articles on the topic with boosters on Langhe and Roero.

If you feel like it, we have also compiled a guide on picnics for you, so that you are sure to have everything you need and not forget anything (you never know) and comprehensively enjoy the pleasure of this peculiar form of conviviality.

If, on the other hand, you don’t know how (or don’t feel like) basting your picnic and prefer to have the basket set up for you by experts, you can leave the ball to them and enjoy artfully prepared eats.

But now let’s get started!

The Langhe and Roero

The Langhe and Roero open onto territories that often blur their perimeters; in fact, tourists travel equally through both areas: in fact, one only has to cross the Tanaro River to immediately find oneself converting the belonging of places.

Both regions possess a meandering terrain, vivid and made seductive by the kaleidoscope of colors peculiar to wild vegetation and cultivated areas.

On the hills rise villages with an ancient flavor that dot the landscape, in which monolithic fortresses and tall bell towers spring up.

The ‘interweaving of culture, eno-gastronomy and nature composes the characteristic figure of Langhe and Roero, which are ideal destinations for those who want to compress the three things into reduced latitudes and longitudes.

Is there, therefore, a better destination for a picnic? The answer is no (any objections will be immediately rejected).

Alta Langa

Giant Swing – Cossano Belbo

In Cossano Belbo, a quaint village at the eastern end of the province of Cuneo, a colorful giant wooden swing has recently been inaugurated, offering a new perspective on the Langhe and promising to provide moments of fun, carefreeness and freedom.

Inaugurated on April 25, 2021, the giant swing is the work of three young people from Cossano.

The Alta Langa (this is the name of the giant swing) requires a few turns before it can be reached, but it pays off with the sight of something truly unusual and original: large colored pencils, a huge ruler and a wooden eraser make up the swing.

Aimed at everyone but especially the youngest children, the stationery theme also arose somewhat from the children’s desire to go back to school and the desire for normalcy after the pandemic: the eraser to erase what still and fossilizes, the pencils to redraw a new beginning, and finally the ruler to Draw strong, straight lines and start again.

Giant love chair – Cossano Belbo

Located on the ridge of Collina della Rovere, on the Belvedere Trail, the post provides an impressive view with more than 7 countries on the horizon.

To be precise, it is located at Bricco della Serra, in Madonna della Rovere, and the path leading there offers a wide panorama among vineyards, hazelnut groves and centuries-old oaks: the witnesses of time.

The chair has the special feature of incorporating a large red heart, which is well suited for selfie enthusiasts, but also for taking pictures of the landscape with a romantic frame.

Between Langhe and Monferrato

Pastels Vineyard and Muscat Chapel – Coazzolo

Coazzolo is a small village of pre-Roman origins in the province of Asti, nestled on a hillside between Langhe and Monferrato just two kilometers from the towns of Castagnole delle Lanze and Neive.

Through an easy loop hike, you can admire the typical landscapes of these areas but also witness an example where art and culture enrich the area.

In these places, in fact, stands the Moscato Chapel, the Little Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, which, thanks to British artist David Tremlett, has become a symbol of the town.

The Wall Drawing technique with which it was painted and the distinctive color shapes are designed to blend in with the landscape.

Not far from the Coazzolo Church is a sign inviting the visitor to continue the trail for another 150 meters to another small wonder of the area: the Pastel Vineyard.

Owned byAnfosso Piercarlo Farm, the poles between the rows are replaced by colored pencils that provide a triumph of vibrancy on the apex of the Coazzolo hillside. An example of a Piedmont vineyard that plays through installation with symbols and art.

Also very welcome was the idea of the vineyard owners to leave, free of charge available to visitors, always fresh bottles of Moscato for a small tasting.

Langa Astigiana

Giant bench of the heart – Monastero Bormida

Through a short detour along the CAI of Asti’s loop trail, which starts from Monastero Bormida and reaches the church of Santa Libera located on the hill ridge between the Bormida valley of Millesimo and the Bormida valley of Spigno, one can reach the giant bench of the Heart.

The section, before the detour, runs mainly through wooded areas and is suitable, therefore, to be done even on days when the Sun is particularly intense.

When you come to cross the first paved road coming from Monastero Bormida, you make a “round-trip” digression of about 200 meters and arrive at to the large, blue, heart-shaped bench installed at one of the area’s most scenic vantage points: the hill of San Rocco Region.

The structure was created by artist Raffaella Goslino and named in memory of Fabio Francone, known to most as DJ Francone, an entrepreneur with a passion for music who died at the age of 45 following a car accident.

Typical place to contemplate earth and sky, enjoy a nice snack and take some nice souvenir photos.

Instead, next to the Romanesque bridge over the Bormida rises a “full-size” copy of it, again made by artist Raffaella Goslino.


Laghetto del Loto – Vezza d’Alba

Lies quiet and imperturbable, in Vezza d’Alba, the small Lotus flower pond, surrounded by vineyards, hazelnut groves and a large array of truffle trees such as downy oaks and holm oaks, poplars and turkey oaks, but also by the numerous linden trees that release into the air a scent of the honeyed nuances of linden-acacia flowers and from which comes the buzzing of bees intent on their crafts.

An oasis of quiet, inviting pause, contemplation and reflection. One of those places where wasting time equals gaining time.

Very quiet place, altum silentium, ideal for an outdoor meal immersed in the lyrical delicacy of nature, especially in July and August when the lotus bloom gains its peak.

It can be reached easily, both with strollers and for people in wheelchairs.

The pond is located in the middle of the Trifolao Trail , a loop trail marked by the Ecomuseum, starting in p.za San Martino in the summit village of Vezza d’Alba (by the Town Hall).

The Trail is about 5.6 km long, and you can find the detailed sheet (with GPX track) here:


We hope we have given you some interesting insights! Your choice, enjoy your picnic!