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Barolo wine vintages: 1868-1910

August 21, 2011

1868 EXTRAORDINARY VINTAGE. Full-bodied, perfectly balanced, with fine scent, complete.

1869 Good vintage. Balanced wine, with delicate scent.

1870 Good vintage. Elegant wine, alcoholic content slightly below the average.

1871 Normal vintage. Medium quality, sometimes mediocre, sometimes very good.

1872 Normal vintage. Quality below the average, not full-bodied.

1873 Excellent vintage. Strong wine, though slightly lacking in character and finesse.

1874 Mediocre vintage. Wine with high total acidity, lean.

1875 Bad vintage.

1876 Good vintage. Strong wine, maybe though, suitable for a long life.

1877 Normal vintage. Medium quality, relatively light, but with an intense scent.

1878 Bad vintage.

1879 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Strong wine, though the harvest was very rich, with a remarkable character and strenght.

1880 Mediocre vintage. Wine without peculiarities.

1881 Normal vintage. Pleasant wine,light but fine.

1882 Mediocre vintage. Acid wine, scarcely and inadequatly scented.

1883 Normal vintage. Not a rich production of a meagre wine, but fine.

1884 Bad vintage.

1885 Good vintage. Light wine, but elegant and scented.

1886 Excellent vintage. Strong wine, of good stuff, with the right sapidity.

1887 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Wine of pure breed, complete and strong, intensely scented.

1888 Normal vintage. Mellow wine, not too alcoholic, quite strongly scented.

1889 Excellent vintage. Very rich wine, round, with strong character, and not intensely colored.

1890 Good vintage. Full-bodied wine, intensely scented, perfectly balanced.

1891 Mediocre vintage. Meagre wine, too light.

1892 Normal vintage. Very pleasant wine, with medium character, fine enough.

1893 Bad vintage.

1894 EXTRAORDINARY VINTAGE. Wine of very good stuff, with a strong character, perfectly balanced.

1895 Good vintage. Fine wine, very elegant.

1896 Mediocre vintage. Light wine, winy.

1897 Excellent vintage. Full-bodied, strong wine. Very poor harvest because of a frost in spring.

1898 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. A hard wine at the beginning, then elegant end balanced, suitable for a long life.

1899 Normal vintage. Velvety wine, very strongly scented, very pleasant.

1900 Normal vintage. Light wine, very elegant.

1901 Mediocre vintage. Hard and acid wine, with a weak character.

1902 Bad vintage.

1903 Normal vintage. Strong and balanced wine.

1904 Bad vintage.

1905 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Full, elegant and complete wine.

1906 Good vintage. Strong wine, of pure breed.

1907 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Very good wine, with balanced strenght, very elegant.

1908 Excellent vintage. Complete wine, of good stuff though not intensely colored.

1909 Mediocre vintage. Weak wine,though fine enough.

1910 Excellent vintage. Very elegant wine, though not intensely colored, suitably austere.