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Langhe Favorita DOC 2013 – F. Borgogno

August 11, 2011

Favorita is a variety of white grape grown in Piedmont in over 90 municipalities in the province of Cuneo, mainly in Roero, Langhe and Astigiano’s hilly areas.

It is a white dry wine of everyday use, vinified only with Favorita grapes, it has often been associated with the Ligurian Vermentino because of their similar genetic properties.

According to early historical records (from XVII century), the name Favorita (favurie in Piedmontese dialect, which means “favourite” in English) refers to the fact that It has always been a perfect (a “favourite”) table grape to be consumed during meals.

It began to be vinified only after the second half of XX century, giving rise to a prestigious wine.

Langhe Favorita DOC 2013 from Borgogno Francesco vineyards, clearly derives its name from the golden colour of its berries.

It is a white light wine, ready to drink, slightly sparking and perfect to be combined with aperitivs or appetizers.

Its tone is bright and clear, pale yellow with greenish reflections in colour. It has a delicate and very pleasant flavour, slightly floral, aromatic and with just a hint of white sour fruit.

The taste is soft, light bodied (11.5%) and dry with a fresh perlage (effervescence) mild and moderately persistent.

As a result we get a very well balanced wine, that has to be served cool (at a temperature of 8/10C°) and consumed when young (within one year from the harvest).

It is perfect when combined with light meals or snacks such as soft cheese and ham, croquettes, salads, omelettes, fried vegetables, cabbage rolls etc…or combine it with seafood dishes, made of tuna fish, crustaceans or molluscs (what about a soup?) to accentuate its freshness so that the slight effervescence can do its full part.

Bon appétit!