Wandering in Langa

Cool down Itineraries in Alta Langa

August 13, 2018

All the enthusiasm of June and July for the long days, the hot evenings and the light clothes is slowly diminishing in this extreme August.

People start to say the same old thing, “I’m not saying this because it’s Summer, I’ve truly always preferred Winter”, which in a few months will be denied through other people’s bad memory.

In the middle of all this the “Summer diet” and the various physical activities that result from it have lost popularity, being replaced by the market of fans who sees us stranded on the sofas trying to move as few muscles as possible.

But we want to give you an option to reduce the guilt: what if we told you that there are places, not too far from your living room/fridge, where even this month you can walk, gallop and pedal without fainting?

Following a brief collection of itineraries for all tastes, means of transportation and level of difficulty, among the fresh hills of the Alta Langa.

Two wheels

For bike lovers, we suggest three itineraries with a theme in common: the partisan history.

Because if the heat does not encourage us to pedal, at least it makes sense to do it with an interesting motive: in this case learn along the way.

Tombstones, plaques and places of memory will take you back in time to discover the local history and the dynamics of the Second World War.

All the routes in this series have been designed for the bike, with a length between 30 and 50 km, and are therefore feasible in both MTB and road bikes.

Partisan bike-rides #1 – from Dogliani to Bonvicino

This is the first of a series of cycle-tourism routes linked to the places of the Resistance.

Each stage takes place in points that have marked the Liberian partisan struggle or that recall its actions.

What we want to ideally propose to those who will follow these paths, is to unite the discovery of the beauty of the places with the awareness of how the Resistance and the partisans have lived and fought in every country and hill of the Langhe, not only in Alba or Cuneo.

This first route includes departure and arrival at Dogliani, closing a ring that reaches Bossolasco and Bonvicino.

The length is about 35 km and does not present particular difficulties. However about 70% of the route is uphill, with a difference in height from Dogliani to the highest point of about 500 meters.

Being the most part of the route around 600 meters, it is easy to cope with even in a hot summer.

Discover the itinerary here!

Partisan bike-rides #2: from Murazzano to Clavesana

This route includes departure and arrival in Murazzano, with a ring that reaches Clavesana passing through the villages Ghigliani and Sbaranzo.

The overall length is 37km, with a vertical drop of about 500 meters.

There are no particularly steep stretches, but the return from Clavesana takes place through a continuous climb of about 10 km.

Particularly interesting stops along the way are those at the Chapel of San Sebastiano where the terrible massacre of Cacciadoro happen, and the one at the San Bernardo Shrine, an evocative place created in memory of the fallen partisans.

Discover the itinerary here!

Partisan bike-rides #5 Bossolasco, Cravanzana, Serravalle

This itinerary includes departure and arrival from Bossolasco and develops for about 30 kilometers touching the towns of Feisoglio, Cravanzana, Cerretto Langhe and Serravalle Langhe.

The villages are all around 750 meters high, but they face a couple of challenging climbs as you cross twice the Belbo valley that cuts the route in two.

Suggested stop, even for a picnic, is the one at the Parco della Resistenza, where a plaque shows the splendid sentence of Ungaretti “Here live forever the eyes that were closed to the light so that everyone else could have them open forever”.

Throughout this portion of Langa the famous Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut is cultivated.

Discover the itinerary here!

By foot or at a gallop

Great Traverse of the Langhe # 1

This 30 km long route that starts from Saliceto to reach Bergolo passes through landscapes of all kinds: dirt roads, woods, chestnut groves and slight slopes, but also splendid villages where to stop and rest.

Along the way you will meet the splendid Sanctuary of Maria Vergine Assunta, hidden in the greenery around Gottasecca, an ideal place for a break and to stock up on fresh water.

Another interesting attraction is the Scarampi Castle of Prunetto, which from the top of the village watches with its considerable size.

Discover the itinerary here!

Great Traverse of the Langhe #2

At the end of the previous route, if someone had really taken the taste, there is the possibility to continue for a shorter route, but just as relaxing.

The 17 km that follow touch the towns of Cortemilia, where you can stop to admire the former convent of San Francesco and the remains of the castle, and Castino.

The arrival in this case is the square of San Bovo, which with its 600 meters of height will keep you away from tourism and the heat of the city.

Discover the itinerary here!

With no effort

Itinerary of the Murazzano DOP

Do you like having so much with so little?

This itinerary, a ring from Alba to Alba, is about 100 km and can be traveled both by car and motorbike.

Why not rent a Vespa for the day and cool off in Alta Langa admiring some of the most precious views of the area?

From Alba the hills rise, in rapid succession, towards Seravalle Langhe.

A short ride on the ridge roads, with the green hills on one side and the rugged coast of Belbo on the other side, touching Bossolasco, Mombarcaro and Somano.