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The wine-tasting: hearing

January 24, 2013

What can be the relation between wine-testing and hearing? What help can hearing give us? I remember that saying, “first wine is lokked at and admired, then it’s smellsd, then tasted, and finally it is talked of”.

This is the importance of hearing, in dialogues, in intellectual contacts, “human relations”. Even if the true wine-testing prefers a solitary and silent environment, hearing only can measure the silence necessary for rightly observing wine.

Wine is a pleasure for smell and taste, establishes a communication, activates conversation and is very suitable to be put together with pleasant and friendly words. It mixes pleasure coming from the eye, the nose, the mouth and the ears.

To know how to drink means to know how to hear and talk; and wine has also to be heard, because it talks, in its way. It has a secret language, a kind of soft singing that leads us on hills and cultiveted dreams, to harvests of happiness, to the pure pleasure of contemplation.

Texts from “Barolo as I feel it” by M. Martinelli (ed. Sagittario 1993)