Wandering in Langa

The perfect spots for your picnic between Langhe and Roero

May 10, 2022

The beautiful season is almost upon us and the desire to spend some time in the open air, warmed up by the faint spring sun, is commonly shared.

Legacy of our peasant past, the idea of organizing a picnic with family or friends never gets old, being a different way to spend time in good company and in contact with nature.

Finding the right place, however, is not always that easy. This is why we’ve already dealt with this topic, in the article entitled The best places for a picnic or snack in the meadows.

Two years after the previous publication, we decided to enrich our review of “picnic spots” with new suggestions of equipped and not equipped areas between Langhe and Roero.

Alta Langa

“Donna di Langa” panoramic point

Crediti foto: Strada Romantica

This spot, equipped with tables and stone benches, is dedicated to the “Woman of Langa“, who is celebrated with a bronze monument by Marco Gallo.

The artist wanted to pay tribute to all the women of the Langhe for their key role in this land.

The facility is located in Piasarin, in the town of Trezzo Tinella, and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding area, full of history and memories of the local partisan struggle.

The rural chapel Madonna di Langa

Located at about one kilometer from Benevello on the provincial road 106 towards Bossolasco, the small rural chapel was built in 1923, constructed on the ruins of an older building.

Legend has it that St.Francis stopped here to pray during his journey to Liguria.

From the panoramic viewpoint in front of the church one can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the lower Piedmont.

The surrounding area is great for a picnic, even in the shade of the many trees that encircle the chapel.

Bassa Langa

The rural chapel of San Gervasio

We’re now a few miles from the center of Neive, near the rural chapel of San Gervasio, far from any residential area.

The small building has a fenced courtyard with benches and a large back lawn, surrounded by hazelnut trees.

You can reach it by entering the following coordinates on your browser: 44.746727, 8.101944

The green area of San Cassiano

For those in the surroundings of Alba in search of a quiet place to spend a few hours away from the sun, a great spot can be the green area and sports park of San Cassiano.

It’s a public park, located on the outskirts of the city, with large shaded areas, a big parking lot, a public transportation stop and lots of bars nearby.

Mini equipped areas for short breaks

We also want to suggest two small areas on the roadside equipped with tables, ideal for short breaks:

  • in Serralunga, arriving from Fontanafredda, you will find a small picnic area in the hairpin turns that go up to town
  • in Treiso, at the first curve towards the center of the village, there’s a spot that calles a stop to admire the view over the Unesco hills


America nei boschi

This curious name, which means “America in the woods”, refers to a hamlet of Pocapaglia. On the edge of the village there’s a path that goes into the woods up to a small elevated and panoramic point.

You can stop to eat in the Asfodelo picnic spot, surrounded by ancient trees, or choose another point. The area is very vast so you can choose between many different places.

Use the following coordinates to reach America: 44.724532, 7.868059

Madonna dei Boschi

We are now in Vezza d’Alba, near the Sanctuary of Madonna dei Boschi. This place is perfect for a picnic, but don’t forget to visit the Romanesque church, built in the 12th century.

Inside you’ll find a precious 15th century Gothic fresco depicting the Annunciation. To visit it’s necessary to book at the municipality.

BBQ area

On the provincial road 253 of Montaldo Roero there’s a picnic area equipped with a barbeque.

All you need to do is bring wood (or charcoal), meat, spices and lots of friends to set up your Roero cookout.

The coordination to reach the area are: 44.773800, 7.917659