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The wine-tasting: the color and the look

December 6, 2012

The color

Here in front of you there is a glass full of some colored liquid: wine. If you want to look and admire its looks, you must remember some thoughts that are not often thought of. First of all you need sunlight, or a candle, and a white background. Light has to strike the wine directly, because wine is light, it is the effort to become pure light. Don’t leave it in the shadow, give it light as to a flower.

Over the glass stem of the glass wine blossoms in the crystal corolla releasing its flavour, like a splendid and fragile flower. White wine, red wine, rosé wine… These three colors include the different looks wine can have. These three words cannot describe exactly una all the colors of wine, but they can simply give us a hint. In fact, there are red and rosé winesbut there is no such thing as a white wine! The so-called white wines are green, yellow and gold. There are no real red or yellow wines, because in a glass of wine colors change, evolute, they are softened or strenghtened as time passes.

The look

Il vino e l'aspetto
Wine-making is the birthplace of the look of grapes, while it evolves and changes while it ripens. In the wooden stalks wine starts the great “game” of looks, soon joined by the waltz of bouquets and scents and the roundabout of taste. Everything changes in wine, slowly and wisely, and incomprehensibly, phisically and chimically, misteriously and perceptibly at the same time. From blue to violet, from violet to red, from red to purple, from purple to orange, from orange to brick red for the so-called red wines; from green to yellow, from yellow to amber, from amber to gold, from gold to brown for the so-called white wines. But nothing is so definite: sights of orange can stay in the red, or purple! In its youth wine prefers cold colors, warm ones in its maturity. The ones soften the force of alcohol, the others warm up its old body. As far as the description of the looks is concerned, we have to apply to images without taking from wine its nobility or its splendour. In a glass of wine there is always some sun