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Travelling wine: here's the Wine Check Luggage

April 13, 2015

The passion for wine encourages many of us to travel around the globe to discover the best wine regions, going from cellar to cellar to personally meet the producers and taste the fruits of their hard work.

Yethow many times, at the end of the tasting session, did you want to buy some bottles only to discover  that you couldn’t because of the imminent trip back home? Well, during one of my many days spent surfing the net I think I discovered the solution to our problems.


I present to you Lazenne

Lazenne, a young French company, has created an entire range of products that allow all wine tourism lovers to take home the best wines without being intimidated by the plane trip back.

I got involved with this idea and I wanted to know more about it: the team has come up with two different solutions that will no doubt be able to meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs. Let’s discover what they are.

The Wine Check Luggage

Wine Check Luggage

The Wine Check Luggage, or rather the hold baggage, was designed for transporting bottles of wine: it can contain 12 or 15 bottles and can be folded and packed for use (in fact, it’s also a trolley because it’s equipped with wheels!) when needed.

Inside, you need to place the relevant polystyrene container, which is designed to hold bottles of various diameters and heights.

The container guarantees the integrity of the bottles and ensures that the precious contents will not be altered in any way. This product gives demanding travelers exactly what they need to embark their favorite wines with no problems whatsoever.

But that’s not all.

Even professionals in the sector will be impressed because, finally, they can feel free to bring bottles with them to carry out a second sensory analysis or to use them as samples without worries.

Il WineHug


For those who need something that’s less “bulky”, the Lazenne team offers another interesting product: the Winehug, literally “wine embracer.”

It’s a portable, self inflating case that “embraces” one or two bottles: it’s reusable and was created so you can carry it with you at all times.

The WineHug allows us to use our personal baggage to bring back a souvenir of our holiday even when luggage packing space is scarce.

All Lazenne products can be sent home or directly to the hotel, even via express mail. How many of us would love to buy delicious wines after a wine-cellar visit, but don’t because we’re intimidated by the trip back home? Of course there’s always the option of having the bottles delivered, but it’s often expensive and, let’s face it, there’s nothing like getting home and opening a bottle right away to enjoy with friends.