Piazza district in Mondovì

the district of Piazza is the oldest of Mondovì, and certainly represents the most interesting part to visit

Biking through castles – between Castiglione Falletto and Serralunga d’Alba

One of the reasons why cyclists love cycling in the Langhe is the multiplicity of experiences that they offer: they are more or less long routes that can offer varied experiences: vineyards, forests, small villages with shops, cellars and castles that prop up the tops of the hills. The uniqueness of the Langhe is one […]

Biking between the astigian Langhe and the Bormida valley #3 Cessole – Loazzolo

This tour leads us to discover the landscapes of the vineyards of Loazzolo, where we produce the homonymous Passito DOC, with departure and return from Cessole. It is a rather short ride, about 19 km, and does not present particular difficulties since it goes from 220 to 450 meters above sea level. However, it offers […]

Biking between Langa astigiana and Val Bormida #2 Roccaverano-Mombaldone

This path has a length of about 22 km and does not present particular difficulties, although the climbs and descents alternate between a minimum of 250 meters and a maximum of 800 meters over sea level. As for the typical products, the whole territory and in particular Roccaverano are famous for the cheeses, among all […]

Biking between Langa and Monferrato #1 Bistagno, Montechiaro, Castelletto, Terzo

This route has a length of about 31 km and is not particularly difficult and has a vertical drop of about 500 meters. It winds around towns related to the production of Robiola Dop, so it is suitable for those who want to stock this delicious cheese! In the upper part the landscape is wilder than […]

Partisan bike rides #7 – from Alba to Monforte

This tour develops in the heart of the Langhe starting from Alba, it has a length of about 50 km and just like the one before it can also be faced by the simple lovers of bikes. However, there are difficult climbs for about a third of the route. It touches the towns of Rivalta, La […]

Partisan bike rides #5: biking in Bossolasco, Cravanzana and Serravalle

This itinerary includes departure and arrival from Bossolasco and develops for about 30 kilometers touching the towns of Feisoglio, Cravanzana, Cerretto Langhe and Serravalle Langhe. The villages are all around 750 meters high, but the road faces a couple of challenging climbs as it crosses twice the Belbo valley that cuts the route in two. […]

Partisan bike ride #6 – Between Langa and Alta Langa

On the occasion of the anniversary of Liberation Day I want to propose a longer ride than the previous partisan rides, designed to be done in different stages in a day. It has a ring structure, and starting from Dogliani it touches the municipalities of Somano, Bossolasco, Murazzano, Clavesana and Farigliano. It can also be […]

Trail from Sinio to Roddino

Distance: 4,5 km Estimated time: 1h 20 min The Trail The trail begins from piazza Guglielmo Marconi, descends to Via Cavour, then to the right, on stairs, in order to reach the village of Borgonuovo. First pass the county road and then the provincial road. Once you pass the bridge over the Talloria stream, in the […]

Serralunga d’Alba Loop

Distance: 9,5 km Estimated time: 2 h 45 min The Trail The trail begins from piazza Guglielmo Marconi and leads onto strada Carlo Coccio. Then continues up to the right, first on a gravel road then, after about 100 metres, it turns right onto a dirt road among vineyards and hazelnut trees to the village of […]

Quiri Loop

Distance: km 9,6/4,5 Estimated time: 2 h 45 min (variant 4,5 km – 1h 30 min) For the short version: distance: km 4,5 estimated time: 1 h 30 min The Trail The trail begins from Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, leads onto Strada Carlo Coccio, then continues up to the right, first on a gravel road then, […]

Religious paths in Neviglie

The San Giorgio church was built in the 15th century after the apostolic visitors insisted numerous times to move Neviglie’s place of worship from the Concentric, in the heart of the villa.

Partisan Pedaling #4 Dogliani, Monchiero, Monforte

A cycling route amongst the places where the Resistance took place: this circuit route which is 22 km long begins in Dogliani and winds north, passing through Monchiero and Monforte d’Alba. A somewhat simple tour, with a few marked climbs which however can be tackled even by beginners.

Partisan Pedaling #3 Monforte, La Morra, Barolo

A bike trail in the Barolo Langhe: a circular path 26 km long that starts from Monforte d’Alba and passes through the towns of La Morra and Barolo, stopping in places that still bear witness to the partisan history of these hills.

Partisan pedaling #2: on bike from Murazzano to Clavesana

A bike tour where the Resistance took place. In this second 37 km stage you’ll reach the Partisan memorial monument of San Bernardo, where we’ll find a panoramic view of the Langhe Dogliani and a symbol of liberation.