Parks & Natural Attractions

Parks and nature reserves welcome visitors with wooded trails and breathtaking landscapes. Here, biodiversity thrives, inviting exploration among the rocky outcrops, historic vineyards, and adventurous woods.

Among the hills of the Roero and the valleys of the Langhe, parks and protected areas unfold, enchanting with their colorful landscapes.

Trails and nature paths climb among ancient rocky outcrops and rows of vines, offering a unique experience in touch with the purest essence of these lands.

These places, where the fresh air and sounds of nature reign supreme, offer a refuge for discovering the flora and fauna native to the territory.

Rocche Roero
The Rocche of Roero

The fundamental element that characterizes the landscape of the Roero is represented by the Rocche. It is a geological phenomenon of erosion that originated in the mists of time.

Parks & Natural Attractions