The Polenta di meliga

November 5, 2012


  • 600 g corn flour
  • 2 liter water
  • salt


In the traditional copper pot, or in any other pot, make the water boil and salt it.

Very slowly, add the sieved flour, continuously stirring with a wooden spoon.

Keep stirring, trying to prevent lumps from coming out, until it’s ready, i.e. when it has become solid enough, though still soft.

You can cook it a bit more or a bit less, depending on your taste.

Times may change depending on the flour; the more it’s rough, the longer it has to be cooked. One and a half hour is an average time.

When it’s ready, put it on a wooden chopping board and serve very hot using a wooden spoon.

It’s nice to put on the table the polenta near the bowls containing all the sauces that will be eaten with it.

Start first with the cognà, then the tartrà salata and the bagna d’ l’infern.

Photo Credit: Elido Turco