Stuffed peaches

July 22, 2011
Stuffed peaches


  • ten orchard peaches
  • three tablespoons sugar
  • five macaroons
  • two egg yolks
  • two tablespoons cocoa
  • four peach kernels
  • butter

What to prepare

  • a chopping board
  • a crescent-shaped chopping knife
  • a knife
  • a baking-pan di terracotta


First wash and dry the peaches, cut them in half without peeling them.

Take out with a tablespoon the kernel from the peaches together with some pulp from both halves.

On a cutting board thinly chop the pulp and add some sugar, smashed macaroons, egg yolks, cocoa and some of the grinded kernels. With the mixture obtained, fill the peaches, helping yourself with a knife to shape them.

Add some of the smashed macaroons; put small amounts of butter on the peaches; completely butter the terracotta baking-pan and cook the peaches in the oven for about an hour.

Serve them hot or warm, but never cold.