Rice with asparagus

March 20, 2014
Rice with asparagus


300 g
1 bunch
Extra virgin olive oil
To taste
Vegetable broth
As needed
1 stick
To taste


Wash and clean the asparagus, removing the woody part of the stalk, then separate the top of the asparagus from the green stalk and keep aside.

Mince the shallot and fry with the oil in a pan over low heat, add the green asparagus stalks cut into thin slices and two spoonfuls of vegetable broth.

Cook for ten minutes, adding more broth if necessary.

Now put the rice in the pan and continue cooking slowly pouring the hot broth and season with salt, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon.

When the rice is about half cooked, put the tops of the asparagus left out above in the pan, mix them with the rice gently so to not break them.

At the end of cooking, add the butter and a bit of Parmesan cheese to make the rice creamy.

A tip

Serve with plenty Parmesan and a sprinkling of black pepper.