Liver Paté

July 20, 2011


  • 250 gr calf’s liver di veal gr 250
  • 250 gr chicken liver
  • 400 gr butter
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • half glass of Marsala
  • half glass of Cognac
  • truffles

What to prepare

  • a casserole
  • un sifter
  • a salad bowl
  • a rectangular metal mould


Thoroughly rinse under running water 500 grams of veal and chicken liver (in equal parts); cut the liver in thin slices, brown in butter with a rosemary shoot and some sage; add half glass of Marsala and cook slowly for twenty minutes.

Then take away the herbs and pass the liver through a sifter (dobiòn).

Put the mixture in a salad bowl together with as much butter as the mixture weighs.

Whisk it in a cool place. Soften it with a glass of good Cognac and at the end add diced cubes shaped truffles.

Shape it and let it cool for several hours in refrigerator before serving.

Photo Credits: David Blaikie