Carne cruda all'albese

October 15, 2012


  • half a kilo veal meat
  • 6 garlic yolks
  • the juice of two lemons
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • just powdered pepper
  • one Alba white truffle


Clean the meat, cut it in pieces and mince it; you can also have it minced by the butcher, but the shortest the time between the cutting and the preparation, the better.

Put it in a bowl, add the crushed garlic and the oil: mix it carefully, so that the oil is all in the meat, that must not be too dry nor too oily. Around ten spoons of oil should be enough.

Add salt, pepper and lemon juice: mix again and take the garlic away before serving. The meat should be pink: that’s why it has to be served immediately, before it becomes grey because of the lemon juice.

Put the meat in the dishes and cover it with very thin slices of truffle.

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