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Scavalcamontagne: recipes and symphonies

The project that takes theater to where theater isn't is back: a fun and slightly spicy take on the relationship between food and eros

from Saturday

15 June 2024

at 21:00

to Saturday

15 June 2024

at 22:15


We take theater to where theater is not.

Backpacking we carry out tours entirely on foot, walking from one country to another.

In the mornings we walk, in the afternoons we discover our host countries, and in the evenings we go on stage in their beautiful squares.

The show

Recipes and symphonies

Recipes and Symphonies returns to the stage for the third year in a completely revamped form.

New characters and new storylines will intertwine over the scents and flavors of a thousand different recipes and the notes of new songs.

A real challenge between chefs from all over the world, capable of making us travel, dream and laugh on the wings of fantasy…culinary.

At the center of the recipes will always be him, the indispensable ingredient, love.

Because what is the shortest way to seduce someone? Of course, the one that comes through the table.

A veritable manual of seduction, a journey of sometimes languid, sometimes spicy words, tastings and wiles.

A fun and somewhat spicy interpretation of the relationship between food and eros, through the warm notes of the piano and the most beautiful opera arias and Italian songs of yesteryear.

A true pairing of food and art, where the audience will really enjoy the show through all the senses.

Characters and performers

From France: Irene Geninatti Chiolero

From the USA: Claudio Pinto Kovacevic

From Japan: Danilo Ramon Giannini

From Romagna: Daniela d’Aragona

From Argentina: Nicanor Cancellieri

Accompanying teachers: Stefano Nozzoli / Alessandro Bares / Julyo Fortunato

The project

The project was born in the lockdown days of 2020.

In the midst of stillness and deprivation of physicality, a group of artists imagined the future and asked “how could we make culture?”

Then on the horizon was the possibility, albeit tentative, of beginning again to move and the project took shape with the idea that we could bring culture to the people in the simplest and oldest way: by reaching out to where small communities reside, through a slow, step-by-step walk up the hills, following an ideal line made up of enchanting places, Of words and melodies.

The name Scalcamontagne is a tribute to the small touring companies of the past that performed in suburban theaters up and down Italy, having to climb over mountains to the end, such was the distance traveled to bring their shows to audiences.

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15 June 2024

at 21:00


15 June 2024

at 22:15

How to participate

Free admission

Hat exit

All performances will be held even in case of bad weather, indoors

Indirizzo: Somano, CN, Italia


Somano, CN, Italia
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Siamo compagnie di artisti amanti della natura e della libertà e nel 2020 abbiamo deciso di portare i nostri spettacoli fuori dai teatri, in mezzo alla gente.  Zaino in spalla realizziamo tournee interamente a piedi, camminando da un paese all’altro. La mattina si cammina, il pomeriggio si scoprono i paesi che ci ospitano e la sera si va in scena nelle loro stupende piazze.

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