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Exhibition: an experimentalism in...constant flight

On display are the works of Sandra Valdevilt an artist from Turin who has received major national and international recognition

from Saturday

01 June 2024

at 16:00

to Sunday

02 June 2024

at 18:30

From May 25 to July 7, 2024, the MUSARMO – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Mombercelli will hold the exhibition An Experimentalism in… “constant flight”

Sandra Valdevilt was born in Turin in 1974.

Her chromatic treatments are the current landing place of a long militancy in the artistic field: a predisposition for drawing and for the more articulate coloristic narrative, assiduously cultivated in her from the very beginning, in parallel with her humanistic studies and her degree in Sociology and Social Research.

What distinguishes the artist is the quest, the courage to constantly challenge himself beyond the reassuring milestone already achieved that has been gratified by the public.

Sandra Valdevilt is this: an artist who manifests a continuous unstoppable energy.

Starting from Pop suggestions, including through the highly personal reinterpretation of comics, the themes of his works range toward figurations of a mute surreal suspension and environments as spaces of a mental, metaphysical representation, and then embarking on a kind of hyper-realism that is inspired by classical themes.

The unifying cipher of his pressing aesthetic thought is “good painting,” the artisanal mastery of color technique, often emerging from the black background of the preparation of the support, with which the figurations converse, proposing themselves as “visions” that interrogate our present.

Sandra Valdevilt ‘s works can be found in prestigious art books and magazines, in private collections, foundations and museums, and she has received major awards and participated in numerous national and international art events.

Organized by

Fondazione Matrice ETS


01 June 2024

at 16:00


02 June 2024

at 18:30

How to participate

Free admission

Visiting hours: Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

Indirizzo: Via Brofferio, 24, Mombercelli, AT, Italia

Musarmo - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Via Brofferio, 24, Mombercelli, AT, Italia
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