Savigliano — Taffini Palace

Puccini's Women

The Pollice brothers offer us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the female universe that inspired Puccini's musical genius

from Saturday

23 March 2024

at 21:00

to Saturday

23 March 2024

at 23:00

Fratelli Pollice

The Friends of Music of Savigliano present a musical event of high artistic depth.

In fact, on Saturday, March 23, at the striking Taffini Palace, brothers Aurelio and Paolo Pollice will be on stage to “pack” a concert entitled “Puccini’s Women.”

The atmosphere of the prestigious location will be transformed into an exciting journey through the life and works of the famous composer originally from Lucca, Giacomo Puccini.

The four-handed piano notes of the Pollice brothers will bring to life a program dedicated to musical transcriptions of the Tuscan Maestro’s most iconic operas, including “Manon Lescaut,” “La Boème,” “Tosca,” “Madama Butterfly” and “Turandot.”

A real opportunity to immerse oneself in the feminine universe that inspired Puccini’s musical genius.

Aurelio and Paolo Pollice, piano graduates under Maestro Sergio Perticaroli at the Conservatory of Rome and Maestro Antonio Ballista at the Conservatory of Milan, respectively, will bring their extraordinary musical expertise to the stage.

The two artists, winners of numerous piano competitions, have enriched their education through meetings with prestigious artists, including Vincenzo Vitale, Nunzio Montanari, Massimo Bertucci and Sergio Fiorentino.

The Pollice brothers’ fame has crossed national borders, consolidating their presence in major Italian cities for prestigious music companies.

Venues that have welcomed their concert activity include Milan with “Serate Musicali,” Naples with “Associazione Scarlatti,” Palermo with “Amici della Musica,” not to mention their performances in Austria, Romania, Portugal, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey with “touches” in Israel, Mexico and the U.S.A.

The first notes of “The Women of Puccini” will be around 9 p.m., offering viewers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of classical music.


Organized by

Associazione Amici della musica di Savigliano


23 March 2024

at 21:00


23 March 2024

at 23:00

How to participate

10.00 € single seat

Indirizzo: Palazzo Taffini d'Acceglio, Via Sant'Andrea, Savigliano, CN, Italia

Taffini Palace

Palazzo Taffini d'Acceglio, Via Sant'Andrea, Savigliano, CN, Italia
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Associazione Amici della musica di Savigliano

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