Arguello — Nuto Revelli Hall

Heart of Langa

Meeting outlining the next steps of the project dedicated to the revaluation of local ecosystems and community values

from Friday

12 May 2023

at 17:00

to Friday

12 May 2023

at 20:00

cuore di langa - eventi

The Cuore di Langa project developed through a path of conversations and actions over the course of 2021 has landed today toward the concrete possibility of giving birth to a territory Hub that adequately enhances local ecosystems and community values.

Like all complex projects, it can only be nurtured and strengthened by the protagonism of local actors while also looking far into a system of multiple relationships that broadens horizons toward new frontiers of harmonious and sustainable development.

The sailing ship, which in a surprising way constitutes the heraldic symbol of the municipality of Arguello, will guide the reflections with the metaphor of a journey to the future open to the many fellow travelers who will choose to “get on board”!

The meeting is devoted to presenting the results obtained from the first surveys and outlining the “next steps” to be taken at the local level to carry it forward,.


From 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Session 1: outcomes of the “Heart of Langa” project.

Institutional greeting

David Charles Falletto
President of the Alta Langa Mountain Union

Welcome and introduction

Alessandro Fenocchio
Mayor of Arguello

Territory hubs for new value creation models

Roberto Tognetti
Let’s Reuse Italy Foundation

Forest care, management and enhancement

Yamuna Giambastiani
Forest Sharing

Participatory digital mapping models

Gianpiero Oliva
Leonardo Web

Between art and landscape: the path of the masche

Diego Repetto
hyper PLAN

ALHK community pedagogical project

Bruno Bruna
Istituto Comprensivo Bossolasco Murazzano

From 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

Session 2: Pindaric flights between Alta Langa and elsewhere

Commons and local knowledge: a vehicle for transition and innovation

Simona Elmo
Senior EIS funds expert, former SIBaTer project coordinator

Renewing cooperation between territories: the role of Leader

Vincenzo Viola
Basilicata Region Consultant
DG Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy

The figure of the local manager for enterprising territories

Massimo Ciuffreda
Anima living network

The “It starts with the forest” model: future, forest, people

Silvio Lora April
Valdilana Hub

Hospitality and learning contexts

Ivano Neri
Villages & mansions

Interconnected palimpsests and intentional communities

Laura Casati

Organized by

Comune di Arguello


12 May 2023

at 17:00


12 May 2023

at 20:00

How to participate

Free event

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Arguello, CN, Italia
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