Bagnolo — Malingri Castle

Harry's Magic Castle

The world's most beloved school of magic brings a weekend packed with spells, shows and games for all ages to the city

from Saturday

06 April 2024

at 10:00

to Sunday

07 April 2024

at 20:00

Castello Malingri

Coming to Bagnolo Piemonte on Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7, for the first time is Harry’s Magic Castle with professors from the world’s most beloved school of magic, bringing a weekend packed with spells, shows and games for all ages.

Hosting the event was the prestigious location of Malingri Castle, in collaboration with the theater group Avventure Cittadine Genova protagonists of the magic train, Loano as Hogwarts and many other magical quests.

This beautiful historic location will transform into Harry’s school of witchcraft and wizardry by hosting sorting with the Sorting Hat, Potions classes with Severus, Herbology with Pomona, Divination with the Sibyl, Transfiguration with Minerva, and even the Death Eaters’ niche!

The activities

Waiting for visitors will be the terrible witch Bellatrix, Ritala the gossiest journalist in the magical world…

Could the section devoted to Fantastic Animals have been missing? Absolutely not, in fact Hedwig herself will arrive with her flight to admire and then the Enchanted Ball!

On two not-to-be-missed days there will be a magical hobby and craft market with unique items inspired by the Harry Potter atmosphere outside and inside the Castle walls.

At the conclusion of the afternoon activities, around 6 p.m., a magical treasure hunt will take place on Saturday 6 while on Sunday 7 the parody play “Asylum Potter” in which crazy behind-the-scenes of the Muggle life of the most beloved professors will be revealed…

Exclusively on Saturday, the event will continue into the evening hours with a set menu dinner and the Enchanted Ball with Surprises, an atmospheric disco in the
Castle viewpoint for young and old

All people who show up in themed costumes on both days will receive free gadgets.


Both days will begin at 9:00 a.m. with the opening of the gates while from 10:30 a.m. until lunchtime the activities with teachers will start while classes will start immediately after lunch and last throughout the afternoon.

On both Saturday and Sunday, it will not be possible to reach Castello Malingri with one’s own vehicle, except for accompanied disabled persons.

At Senator Paire Square (in the center of the town) there is a large parking lot from which the free shuttle (A/R) will depart to Malingri Palace, from there it will be possible to reach the Castle on foot or by small train at a cost of €3.00 per person A/R.

From 9 p.m. on Saturday, April 6, it will be possible to reach the castle exclusively by free shuttle bus.

Throughout the event there will be an always-active refreshment stand and attractive photo corners.

Organized by

Avventure Cittadine


06 April 2024

at 10:00


07 April 2024

at 20:00

How to participate

Participation in the activities is possible only by purchasing the ticket after booking by phone (message).

Indirizzo: Corso Malingri, Bagnolo Piemonte CN, Italia

Malingri Castle

Corso Malingri, Bagnolo Piemonte CN, Italia
Directions ↝

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